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Problem with Ranged Unit Melee Attack

TommicusTommicus Junior MemberPosts: 12Registered Users
edited March 2012 in Medieval II: Total War
I recently loaded M2TW on my macboook and I can't get my ranged units to melee attack with the alt key. Does anyone have any advice as to which hotkey will work or how to edit the hotkey. I'm running it through Parallels, if that makes a difference.
thanks in advance,
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  • Tyer032392Tyer032392 Senior Member FloridaPosts: 4,610Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    I think that once ranged units run out of ammo, they are than able to become close combat infantry. I can't remember though, and have not played it in a while. Also, you could disable skirmish mode which makes them stand and fight.
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