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Which Fantasy IP does your heart desire after Warhammer?



  • GrimmShadoGrimmShado Registered Users Posts: 58
    40k for me, I feel it's the one that has the most potential to be something truly new.

    Another option I haven't seen anyone mention would be the Magic the Gathering setting, either as the whole multiverse thing or focused on one of the expansions/planes. Ravnica comes to mind as a setting with well-developed, fairly distinct factions, and the urban warfare aspect could be awesome if done right.
  • Pico0Pico0 Registered Users Posts: 265
    edited October 2021
    Lord of the Rings
    Honestly, I'd like them to revisit some of the previous historical game not another fantasy IP. I long for Medieval 3 even though I doubt CA will bother. Although a game in the "Lord of the rings" setting could be nice, it could be interesting to see an easterling faction for exemple.

    IMHO I think any kind of total war game with massive ranged warfare would be boring because I doubt the engine would be able to properly manage cover or line of sight, we'd probably end up with huge armies with only the first rank able to shoot. I say this after playing both Napoleon and Empire total war, I found the RTS part of these games were probably the weakest out of all the Total war franchise.
    This is also why I would not be too thrilled about a W40K game, unless CA drop the Warscape engine and come up with something better.
  • IchonIchon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,596
    edited October 2021
    I would say Melnibone as that is another British author's franchise but since it is not that popular anymore the next best would be the Malazzan Book of the Fallen.

    Magic, shape changing swarms, large monsters, magic explosives, undead, awakened champions whose presence literally crushes less manifested beings down to the ground, etc.
    YouTube, it takes over your mind and guides you to strange places like tutorials on how to talk to a giraffe.
  • stephenparker7stephenparker7 Registered Users Posts: 15
    Age of Sigmar
    Age of sigmar. Don't hate me. It sounds quite over the top, but a new set of mechanics/upgraded lords sounds exciting. Additionally, with the multiple realms (if I understand the lore correctly) they might be able to make a really interesting campaign map. 40K would also be awesome.
  • HelhoundHelhound Registered Users Posts: 4,927
    Lord of the Rings
    LOTR just recently licensed one of the single worst mobile games ever made, so the dream is not dead. Shouldn't be hard to motivate a decent strategy game now that the bar has pretty much been set as low as it can go.
  • capybarasiesta89capybarasiesta89 Senior Member Bath, UKRegistered Users Posts: 5,192
    I would love to see collaboration between CD Projekt and CA doing Witcher based TW.
    #JusticeForTzeentch #JusticeForMonogods

  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 12,908
    Lord of the Rings
    So 40K and LotR are the most requested
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 12,908
    Lord of the Rings
    Lord of the Rings rumored
  • VikingHuscal1066VikingHuscal1066 Registered Users Posts: 2,492
    I think that CA could make 40k work, but in all honesty, I'd really like to see CA put some hard work into creating their own D&D style IP that doesn't require a ton of agreements with other companies.

    And I think that they could pull it off and make a wide ranging great TW game or two in the process.
  • arthadawarthadaw Registered Users Posts: 1,177
    Total War: Grand Mythos

    The map would be a warped earth, with the different races being Civilizations/Pantheon, their leaders being the different gods.

    Similar magic presence as Warhammer, and monstrous construct
  • Ruthlez020Ruthlez020 Registered Users Posts: 2
    40k would be awesome, so much race and unit diversity and a completely new sci fi space setting!
  • Barbarian BorelordBarbarian Borelord Registered Users Posts: 59
    It's never gonna happen, but I would play the hell out of Total War Mass Effect.
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