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Let us set artillery to keep firing despite obstructions.

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There are lots of times, particularly during sieges, that artillery refuse to fire because there are supposed obstructions, even when there is no obstruction there or its small and can effectively be ignored. Additionally, I assume I'm not the only one who has tried to use the set specific firing location in order to hit something in the predicted firing arc, only to be "obstructed" by the thing I'm wanting to hit. I understand the point of stopping artillery from firing if its obstructed, since that conserves ammunition if there actually is something in the way. It would really be nice if we could toggle it off just like skirmish mode or pursuing, because more often than not I've found I'd rather my artillery kept firing anyways.
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    YES I've said about this as well. Also give me a "Stay right here and keep firing, you're on guard mode dont you dare move you dumbass archers or I will make you walk across Lustria naked during mosquito season" formation button as well.
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