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AI coming out of minor settlement for battle

WaqarAWaqarA Registered Users Posts: 7
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In every battle when I have a large oneger, AI comes out of the city to fight even though I have only one large oneger and 3 missile units (Elite Ballistarii). I clearly do not have overpowered missile superiority.
This does not occur when I have 4 missile units with no oneger. This means whenever I am equipped with an oneger it will never be a city fight but a field battle which is super annoying. And oneger is a must-have in battles for fortified cities that is why I cannot disband it as well. (I just do want to hire an oneger before seige battle and disband it before a battle for minor settlement.)

If you can make AI stay in the city when we have at least 4 missile units and 2 onegers that would be great.

Edit: This also makes missile units kind of useless because most of their ammunition will not be spent.
Edit2: Anything more than 4 crossbows or 4 archers can be considered overpowered and more than 2 onegers can be considered OP (Both of them combined). This means 7 missile units in total would be OP and it would make sense for the AI to come out but with AI coming out against fewer, ruins the fun.
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  • WaqarAWaqarA Registered Users Posts: 7
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    The recent update has fixed this problem and now with 4 archers or crossbowmen and one oneger, the AI does not come out. This brings back the fun.
    Edit: Also when I order 4 missiles to attack a single unit, the enemy does not swarm out as before, which has eliminated a lot of annoyance.
    Edit2: It seems that CA has not fixed anything rather it is a mod that fixes things for me. When I have units from "Imperium praetoria unit pack" the AI stays in the city, without its cavalry they march out. So annoying.
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