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Multiplayer Casual Games - Looking for Friends to Play

RiflemanRifleman MemberPosts: 43Registered Users
edited April 2012 in Napoleon: Total War
I am a guy who has played NTW off and on for the last year. I have done well on the campaign in Historic battle games which are single. But I am an older player (actually much older being in my fifties). I have never had the time to practice and play like many of the young players who have had the oppurtunity with different gaming systems as they grew up to become excellent at playing these type of games. When I did go on-line I somehow earned five stars which I seem to have earned despite losing - that is strange.:o

I have playe and lost many times and have been told that practice makes you better. But instea of just going out and getting beaten again and again without much support other than being called a noob - that is an interesting term. I would like to play with people that have been struggling also but have a desire to improve and win.
Why? Because as long as it is fun and casual in a friends only setting we could have the chance to play and, win or lose discuss afterward in friendly chats what worked or didn't work. I hope that this would give the average or new player a place to play and learn and feel comfortable also. This is not a clan or a group. Just a bunch of guys getting together on-line to compete and have fun.. Of course when we get better then we can kick someone else around.
My name is Kayaker on the NTW war site - you can check my profile there also - As you know here I am Rifleman
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