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Confederation in tww3

Madi92#4307Madi92#4307 Registered Users Posts: 66
I just hate the confederate mechanic.
The no confederation mod is a must have for me, what i dont like, watching Boris tech tree.. you have to have Katarina confed to unlock stuff... I hate it already. I hope they minimize this kinda required/forced confederation.
I also hated playing bretonia because this.


  • EmrysorEmrysor Registered Users Posts: 522
    You probably have to mod it away.
  • Fingolfin_the-Golden#2157Fingolfin_the-Golden#2157 Registered Users Posts: 6,646
    I love it, so keep using a mod.
    BEARS, Beets, Battlestar Galactica 🧝‍♀️ Pandas too please CA!
  • saj1987#4378saj1987#4378 Registered Users Posts: 365

    I love it, so keep using a mod.

    Same here. No confederation would be a huge disappointment for me personally.
  • VikingHuscal1066VikingHuscal1066 Registered Users Posts: 4,139
    I completely disagree with the OP on this.

    It's not that I think that normal confederating should be super easy or anything, but with some races, such as Kislev and the Empire, they should have some ample reason to confederate with their fellow factions within their race, as that would greatly help them fair better against their enemies

    If you want easy confederations or no confederations, there will be mods for that.
  • Madi92#4307Madi92#4307 Registered Users Posts: 66
    Yeah, i get that most ppl love the mechanic, what i wish that they atleast give some alternative, like insted locking it behind confederation, if you ally with her you still unlock it if you stay allied for x turns ir you have higher scores with her, or something else.
    You could kill her, but thats also not that good solution.
  • PPerunPPerun Registered Users Posts: 366
    Should not

    There has always been potential to make things like confederation optional when you start campaign
    Same as supply lines
    Level cap (and resetting skills)
    And ideally, separate difficulty settings for each faction, or at least race
    That would be huge, would add replayability, bring more joy to the playerbase and more money to CA
    But no
    Instead we have power creep, arcade battles and obnoxious/unfriendly UI
  • ASyrian#2378ASyrian#2378 Registered Users Posts: 1,332
    Why should one be unable to confed? What wont you like about it and why do you always want to be wrong and scream for everyones attention by making them hate you.
  • Madi92#4307Madi92#4307 Registered Users Posts: 66
    ASyrian said:

    Why should one be unable to confed? What wont you like about it and why do you always want to be wrong and scream for everyones attention by making them hate you.

    What? Who said that? I didnt.
  • hendo#1695hendo#1695 Registered Users Posts: 3,001
    I’m not a fan of not being able to confed. So I can get on the wagon for not forcing players into one or making it impossible for them to confed.
  • KhorneBull#5991KhorneBull#5991 Registered Users Posts: 382
    edited February 4
    I would love if CA made it optional.

    But only if It included the cpu too.
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  • DaGangsterDaGangster Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,917
    If they had another way of collecting LL's I'd be all for removing it.

    Team Vampire Counts

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  • Madi92#4307Madi92#4307 Registered Users Posts: 66
    The point is not to remove it, but to not make it a core element. Or even better that they make some different option.
    Like with Boris, you can unlock technology if your allies/katarine rule the capital. You just need 200+ standig with her or something.
  • Nazjax#2857Nazjax#2857 Registered Users Posts: 2,557
    edited February 4
    Confederations are nice but they are often bad managed.

    A low ranking faction with little armies and low cities will sometime never confederate and in other situations you will gain too much territories freely without the challenge of taking them.

    For me confederation is a pretty nice option but should be harder to control every territories and the confederated lords (maybe not for all factions) should have loyalty.

    Why beastmen herdmaster, skaven lord, ogre tyrant and orc warlord will follow you that much when you just destroyed their dream to be the ruler ? Same for Dark Elves. The exception is probably Malekith/Morathi that should not have this mechanic toogether.

    I miss Rome 2 feature where you can be betrayed if you don't make everyone happy.
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