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How's your current campaign coming along?

Sir HynafolSir Hynafol Junior MemberPosts: 24Registered Users
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Hello all!

Well, title says it all really! How's your current campaign coming along?
It doesn't have to be Rome: Total War only, it can be any Total War out.
It can be a mod, you can be using cheats, just tell me how it's going!

I'm downloading Third Age: Total War, once I've started it, I'll let you all know how it's been!
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  • Sir HynafolSir Hynafol Junior Member Posts: 24Registered Users
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  • pieter95pieter95 Member Posts: 98Registered Users
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    Im currently playing a Dacian campaign on vh vh, (I cheated by giving Gaul and Germania 20000 denarii, to make them more resiliant against julii and Britain). I have already defeated the thracians, im expanding into macedon who strangely have an alliance with the brutii romans. So macedon is quite strong but i managed to defeat 4 fully stocked macedonian armys with one Dacian army consisting of 2 warban 4 falxmen 2 naked fanatics 2 archer warband 4 chosen archers 1 general and 4 barbarian cavalry. Im currently holding the teritories Byzantium to campus scithii and the one to the nw of cs, to the alpine region and the cech region. But macedon is bringing 4 new armys so im in for a treat.
    Fortune, which has a great deal of power in other matters but especially in war, can bring about great changes in a situation through very slight forces.
    Julius Caesar
  • Sir HynafolSir Hynafol Junior Member Posts: 24Registered Users
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    My Campaign:

    Faction: Rome - Brutii
    Difficulty: H/VH
    Mod: None

    I started with my economy and army, making little armies to deal with the rebels. I moved a small army to take a rebel settlement with success. I set a watchtower up to keep an eye on the Greeks, luckily I did as they was moving an army my way. Although they were no threat (for now) I went straight to building an army and strengthening my borders. Setting 2 forts down to secure my settlement I watched over the Greeks before pouncing on their settlement nearest to me (Not sure of the name) and successfully raided them!

    That's mine! I'll try getting some screen shots soon!
  • pieter95pieter95 Member Posts: 98Registered Users
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    I have continued my campaign, Brutii invaded me but failed after my cav ambush. In the south I am expanding and making money by exterminating the macedonian towns. With those funds I can continue my campaign in the west wich is only costing me money :( But i think I finaly cracked Macedon because they do not have 3 stocked armys in reserve anymore unlike the Brutii :( And I found at that the macedonians have almost no navy so with Dacia im bringing troops with siege equipment from Romania to the heart of greece in 4 turns.
    Fortune, which has a great deal of power in other matters but especially in war, can bring about great changes in a situation through very slight forces.
    Julius Caesar
  • ShortyShorty Junior Member Posts: 2Registered Users
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    Rome: Total War
    Faction: Britannia
    Difficulty: Hard - Hard

    Its going okay so far, i have occupied most of Gauls starting territory and some of Spain. Im having a lot of problems with Germania but not a lot from the Julii which is a surprise. Although the Scipii are beginning to show an interest in Spain which could cause me a few problems.
  • tungri_centuriontungri_centurion Junior Member Posts: 15Registered Users
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    playing 3 run with scipio.have all of africa to jeruzalem.facing a powerfull pontic empire witch are my allys. trying to turn there citys in to rebel citys with spys. but building 3 exrta legions to attack them later. in the west i got most of spain exept osca whats from jullia.and 2 legions in greece i got salona, sparta,corinth,athene,pergamum,rhodos,krete and building 4 legions to take on the brutti( the got12 legions) myself got stationed 6 legions around capua to attack senate and julli. i play on vh/h
  • Sparticus_rebornSparticus_reborn Member Posts: 77Registered Users
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    About to start a complete Egypt total war campaign once I finish my current FoTS campaign in shogun 2.

    Rome: Egypt
    Medieval 2: Egypt
    Kingdoms crusade: Egypt
    Empire: Ottoman Empire
    Napoleon: Fall of Egypt
    Shogun 2: ...errr....Egypt?

    It will be epic.
    "These Barbarians lack the tactical refinement of our Legions" - Anonymous Roman General precluding an ambush.
  • ElfwoodElfwood Junior Member Posts: 8Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    I'm playing as Seleucid Empire at the moment, a lot my allies declare war at me especially Egypt who declare war from the early start, only Cartage and Numidia keep their alliance with Seleucid,, and I manage to help Cartage and Numidia againts Romes :)
  • deaddead Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
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    i am playing a Spanish (Iberian) campaign on vh/vh i have conquered Spain and Gaul i have 3 army's ready to attack the julii mostly long shields and bull warriors.
  • AnthropoidAnthropoid Junior Member Posts: 15Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    How do you play the Imperial Campaign as the non-Roman factions? Didn't realize that was possible with vanilla RTW.

    I've got RTW complete, so if it is possible with any vanilla version of RTW, I'd think I should have the capability.

    I've restarted numerous times to learn the game as the Scipii. Having played through 15 to 30 years several times to figure out the game, I know feel like I'm pretty proficient it and have a campaign ongoing that I think I'll carry on with a good while

    Difficulty: Med / Hard, Faction: Scipii

    First thing I did was capture Apollonia to curtail Brutii expansion into the Peloponnese. Then I took out Syracuse. Then I focused on building up economy for a while. Can't recall if LilyBaeum or Thermon fell next, but it was those two in pretty quick succession. Then came Carthage. Then Athens. Then Larissa (all with lulls of 3 to 5 years between each conquest). Then in quick succession, Thapsus, and Cirta. Then Lepcis Magna. Last place I conquested was Sardis. I've been at war with Carthage, Greek, Macedon.

    Presently, I'm wondering how I go about provoking a civil war among the Roman factions (hints appreciated but don't give it away!). The Brutii are fairly stunted (original cities on Italy plus Sparta, Corinth, Rhodes) so I'm not too worried about them, but Julii are expanding pretty rapidly northwards.

    So I've been engaged in an "Assasin Training Plan:" Send assassins to roam around in the wastes to kill Rebel captains to train up, then after a few years, bring them back to northern Italy. I've managed to kill innumerable Julii captains, and 3 or 4 family members. My goal is to stunt them by denying them governors and generals :).
  • habbahabbahabbahabba Junior Member Posts: 4Registered Users
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    By using assassins you can probably start the civil war. At least I did accidentally, and had to reload since my armies were nowhere near Rome :D The assassin strategy is imho a good one, I always have at least 3 highly skilled of them, 1 helping out at the current war I'm fighting, while the other 2 are constantly roaming around the other roman territories and killing off family members.
  • Ace_RimmerAce_Rimmer Junior Member Posts: 3Registered Users
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    play with west roman empire.
    Now,im not very sure about the dates cuz my comp is out of reach for now but ill try to give you close info.
    I have defeated all barbar invadors,and have stopped at the borders of the real roman empire.
    Having about 20 million of denari and income is 100 000 every turn,my entire army is consisted of 9 urban cohorts.
    9 urbans cohorts,legions,3 at gaul border,3 at balkan and 3 in asia minor.
    Together with them are sarmatians cav,or after my reform,scholae palatinae (total of maybe 5cav)
    altogether,all borders are guarded with 9 legions and 5 cav,doing a good job.
    I think i m at year 506,been playing this campaign for a long time,doing some reforms of the empire :D for only 1 guard is present at every city,reducing my costs even further.
    Most of the cities are calm,i m balacing with taxes,games etc to keep population growth on 0 percent.
    Outside borders are Franks,Saxons,(allied,constanlty attacking me,never won a single fight those fools),Burgundi-who are settled at dacia region,eastern roman empire (ally) is allive cuz i let them,Roxolani and some rebel anyonimus.
    I must say that diplomacy is not the strong part of this game.
    Anyway,guys,i love this game and i love to play like in real word,keeping an eye on cities,pushing spies into enemy states and by that controlling them.
    Im sorry for this bible i wrote,if you have question,do ask :D
  • Khan DEVASTATORKhan DEVASTATOR Senior Member Posts: 917Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    I just finished another campaign on VH/VH and was, quite frankly, shocked at how quickly I was able to take all the available provinces and Rome. I'd been getting pretty good at finishing it in the the 165BC - 155BC time frame. I recently completed one as the Scipii by 191BC - a personal best for me. I decided to start another as the Brutii and completed it in the summer of 205BC. That's the best I've ever done by far and probably could have done it a few years sooner if I just went blitzkrieg on the few Scipii settlements.

    This time the Scipii didn't even get one single settlement over their starting 2 and the Julii got bogged down with the Gauls and then the Britons. I made some pre-emptive strikes on Sicily then went after the Scipii's favorite Carthaginian enemies and Greece simultaneously while they stood around dumbfounded. Never saw that before and the Senate rewarded me with a Decere - twice! Again, never seen that before. By the time I had dealt with Carthage and Numidia and then went on to Egypt the Selucids were still around (another first for me) and I had to deal with them. By about 240BC the game was telling me that my chance for power was at hand - another first for me this early. Both the Scipii and Julii armies were almost entirely made up from pre Marian units. They obviously didn't have enough time or money to recruit Legionnaires.

    Parthia had expanded a fair bit more than I usually see, Armenia was utterly useless and Scythia was very weak as was Germania who were wiped out quite early (the only faction I didn't wipe out personally). Dacia was pretty tough - more so than normal and Thrace was reasonably difficult but Spain was pretty weak.

    No matter how often I play this game it never ceases to amaze.
  • joe92joe92 Member Posts: 44Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    Do you have it on short campaign or something? Otherwise, how did you get 50 territories so quick?

    For me. I have Scipii on Hard with long campaign. I don't know what year I am at but the volcano erupted about 12 turns ago.

    I have ignored my roman friends wishing to expand as quickly as possible. Within a relatively short time I had most of Africa bar the 3 Numidian territories to the west and 5 Egyptian ones to the east. I also held all the islands, they make fantastic amounts of money on sea trade. I had alliances with Spain, Thrace, Pontus, Numidia, Parthia and Scythia as well as trade rights agreements with everybody bar Egypt. In order to keep expanding I prepared 2 armies to march west breaking my alliance with Numidia and 1 huge army to march east onto Jerusalem etc.. I split the large army and took Jerusalem and the two above it at the same time. I was lucky because Sidon only had 2 units in it. Also at the same time I marched onto the Numidian capital and the one below it. Spain also sailed over and took the other Numidian city. With Numidia defeated I decided to leave the settlement Spain had captured as I had an alliance with them and my monetary situation was very low and I needed a lot of units for the Egyptian settlements. They are just never happy! Every time Memphis reaches 20k population I have to start dealing with riots. Then Alexandria and Petra get in on the action too. Very annoying. The solution seemed simple though, remove the Egyptian empire. So I sailed over 3 new generals from Capua and prepared 3 armies to march on the last Egyptian settlements. I took a risk and left few units in the cities as I marched out. It backfired in Jerusalem as they revolted a few turns later. Thankfully I had just removed the Egyptian empire so they revolted to become Rebels, not another Egyptian city. Phew, close call. It took 1 turn to get it back. I executed them because I had no money and I couldn't be bothered with another revolt. Just as this is going down Spain broke the alliance and blocked my port on Palma. I responded by sending an army to the last African city, Tingi, and taking it. I now own all of Africa. They responded by asking for a ceasefire. I accepted and asked for trade rights too. I then sent a diplomat to Julii asking them to attack Spain for 4500 Denarii. They accepted and 6 turns later the last 3 settlements belonging to Spain were defeated. The Spanish empire was defeated. Then over 2 turns every settlement in Spain has revolted and is now owned by rebels. All the meanwhile, my ranking with the senate is at rock bottom (I keep getting blackmailed into missions, rather than rewarded lol) and my ranking with the people is ever climbing. I bought Damascus from the Seleucid empire for map information and a grant of 2000 Denarii for 7 turns. I own 33 settlements and am about to branch into the rebel country of Spain. Wish me luck ;)

    Oh, I also had an awesome assassin who was constantly killing SPQR family members (I once lucked out and killed the faction leader with a 3% chance of success, booyah!), but he was sadly killed in the eruption and my moneys been too tight since to hire a new one.
    "When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity." - Dale Carnegie
  • Khan DEVASTATORKhan DEVASTATOR Senior Member Posts: 917Registered Users
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    Its on the long campaign. To be honest, I never thought it could be done so fast. I recall someone posting here a bunch of years ago saying they had done it by 200BC and everyone who replied (including myself) calling BS on him. Perhaps he wasn't exaggerating afterall.

    How did I do it? Not sure if there's a methodology I can say absolutely works given that the game is so dynamic and everything chnages each turn. But, I normally play a reasonably conservative game using some tactics that seems to work consistently. These include having a three "legions" assigned to each factions I'm warring against. I use the "attack" squad with whatever units I have (Hastati, Legionarries, etc.) to assualt the cities or figh the battles in the open. Once a city is secured I retrain and drop in a general and as many archers as I can and use an archer only defense force to handle sieges. I try to build the biggest walls as fast as i can too. The general is good for luring enemy units into range of the archers. I then assualt another city and take it, move the archers to that city (or perhaps leave a few behind) and send in the pesant "police" force to maintain order. The enemy always want to reclaim its cities so they will atack whatever cities you've taken last which is where I station the archers. I train up more peasants to move along as I go. This ways i keep at least one mobile attack force on the move. As the game says "In war we must be speedy".

    The faster you move at the start of the game the easier it is to conquer the world quickly. Enemies don't have time to ewcruit advanced units nor build up cash surpluses. Also, it helps if you play as a faction that generally gets plenty of money based on the nearby cities they can attack. Brutii and Scipii get far more cash from the settlements along the sea they attack than the Julii who tend to be land locked.

    I did get a bit lucky I think as I saw an opportunity to go after Carthage early while dealing with the Greeks. That seemed to confuse the Scipii. Numidia went doen quickly too as they seemed to recruit mostly skirmishers which tend to die fast when the calvary comes by. I was given a gift from the gods when Macedonia left some cities open (I had two attack legions in the area after dealing with Greece so they went down fast too). Gaul was a pushover surprisingly and I steamrolled over them very fast. They didn't have time to even come assault one of their lost settlements before I had taken another - almost every turn.

    The importance of moving fast cannot be overstated. Plus, as the game again says, even a good general needs some luck and I had some. I've really gotten good at fighting with Hastati which helps too. They don't like dealing with phalanxes much but a few dozen pila in the back often fixes that problem.
  • Khan DEVASTATORKhan DEVASTATOR Senior Member Posts: 917Registered Users
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    I suppose, if memroy serves me correctly, the order of factions I attacked as the Brutii went like this:

    1) Greek Cities in Sicily
    2) Carthage in Sicily (I always look for this bit of luck- if an ally is besieging, besiege the city too. Often they will wait a few turns before they attack and YOU can attack first with the ally helping you out. You get the city and they are left scratching their heads - this is how I got the first Carthage city in Sicily)
    3) Greek Cities in Greece
    4) Carthage in Africa (Carthage specifically)
    5) Numidia
    6) Macedonia
    7) by this time I had also taken a few key rebel cities like Halicarnasus and Kydonia - great archers!
    8) Carthage in Spain
    9) Greek Cities in Asia Minor (Greek Cities destroyed, Carthage destoyed)
    10) Pontus (Macedonia destroyed)
    11) Thrace (Numidia destoyed)
    12) Egypt
    13) Spain (Thrace destoyed)
    14) Gaul in Spain
    15) Gaul in France (Spain destroyed, Pontus destoyed)
    16) Armenia
    17) Selucia
    18) Parthia (Egypt destoyed, Armenia destoyed)
    19) Briton (Selucia destoyed, Gaul destoyed, Germania destoyed by some other faction))
    20) Scythia
    21) Scipii, Julii
    22) Briton and Scythia destoyed
    23) Rome (Julii destoyed)
    24) Scipii - game over
  • joe92joe92 Member Posts: 44Registered Users
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    Nicely played sir! Nicely played. I think I'll give it a pop once I've completed my current campaign. Shouldn't be long now ;) Brutii is my biggest concern. They are just below me in terms of military power. Thankfully though, Greece is holding strong and refuses to give up against them. They still own the southern portion of Greece and the west of Turkey. So when the tide of wars change I will make Greece my ally, donate a few thousand denarii to them and watch as Brutii can't handle attacks from the Greek on one side and me on the other :D
    "When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity." - Dale Carnegie
  • Khan DEVASTATORKhan DEVASTATOR Senior Member Posts: 917Registered Users
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    Forgot about Dacia which was inbetween Parthia and Briton.

    I've gottn to the point where I don't bother much with diplomacy other than for trade rights and map information. I usually just send two diplomats around the world to get trade rights and map information then just leave them sitting until they die. Very little value in establishing alliances in my opinion because a) they always break them at some point to attack you and b) many factions will approach you to be an ally and you can decide then. Occassionally I will train a diplomat or two later in the game (if i have none left) when I have lots of money and bribe a few armies. Did that with Gaul twice to eliminate some potential sieges against me.

    I never bother with assasins - killing enemy generals is far more satisfying the old fashioned way and why would I destroy a bulding that i may have to pay to repair when i take the city? I use spies a lot though and often have 15 on the go. When I assaulted Rome I had 11 spies in the city with a 130% chance of the gates being opened. Not bad odds I'd say. :) With the Scipii's last city I had 14 in there and a 160% chance. I think I had more spies than they had units!

    I find the factions that worry me the most are:

    Scythia - when they build up archers (chosen and horse) they can be tough
    Egypt - the Pharaoh's archers and guards are nasty along with the chariots (always try to hire some hoplite mercenaries)

    Parthia and Armenia - but only later in the game as they develop tougher units
    Spain - their bull warriors are often better than legionnaires
    Anyone when they have lots of high quality phalanxes (Greece, Macedonia, Egypt, Armenia, etc.)

    Everyone else can be handled fairly easily if you know what you're doing. Just like the Romans did!
  • joe92joe92 Member Posts: 44Registered Users
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    Update: I was asked to commit suicide in the year 196BC. I said no and a war broke out among me and my fellow Romans. I took Rome within 2 turns removing SPQR from the equation. The year is now 190BC and I am about to march south and take the Brutii cities of Italy. I am also amassing an army to head north in a couple of years. I have 38 territories and many armies ready to move. This could be finished soon. I predict 175-170BC as a finishing time...
    "When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity." - Dale Carnegie
  • PFC_ChurchPFC_Church Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
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    Faction: Macedonia
    well currently i wiped out the brutii and the senate and took capua ftom the scipii. The greek cities all belong to me now. I got a small war going with pontus with selecucia as my ally. So i provide support to them as while they attack from the west.(since they lost there eastern provinces to the Armenian s and egyptians. Thrace is an ally and is busy with dacia.
    Got a massive army enroute to take out the julii up north and i let the scipii kill themslves on my walls. Sooo yeah so far so good. Though now that the gaius marius reforms have occured the romans are going to be a bigger pain in the ****.
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  • LegacyLegacy Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
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    I am the Scippi Romans. I hold all of the Carthaginian Land and Numidian. I took sicily and am in a fight with Egypt right now. Spain was no problem in subdueing but the Gauls made a suprise raid on one of my northern towns. Right now ive taken half of the Gauls land and am about to take Jeruslaem from the sea.
  • Khan DEVASTATORKhan DEVASTATOR Senior Member Posts: 917Registered Users
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    From the pages of "What did you say your name was?" here's a good one.

    I'm playing as the Brutii now and I was sieging Parthia at Campus Alanni. I have a look at the units in the city and lo and behold, there's a family member by the name of:

    Vahyavishdapaya of Hecatompylos

    Go figure.
  • TheEmoSpeeds666TheEmoSpeeds666 Member Posts: 89Registered Users
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    Game: MTW2
    Faction: Milan
    Campaign: E/M
    Game so far: Going well. I've conquered north Italy, M****ille, Dijon, most of HRE's lands (only Metz and Frankfurt to go) and Ragusa. Won and lost Zagreb to Venice, who have left me alone for now. I'm thinking that I'll have to face the epicness of Denmark and the Mongols soon. Mopping up HRE now, but stuck on where to go now.
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  • Khan DEVASTATORKhan DEVASTATOR Senior Member Posts: 917Registered Users
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    Now here's something that's just hit me. After all the times I've played this game I never figured this out. But, I did often think that the town of Domus Dulcis Domus was odd. Probably just because of its name's length. But as I was looking that town over for probably the thousandth time it hit me. Pretty sure that:

    Domus Dulcis Domus = Home Sweet Home (in Latin)
  • CheChe Senior Member Posts: 804Registered Users
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    Now here's something that's just hit me. After all the times I've played this game I never figured this out. But, I did often think that the town of Domus Dulcis Domus was odd. Probably just because of its name's length. But as I was looking that town over for probably the thousandth time it hit me. Pretty sure that:

    Domus Dulcis Domus = Home Sweet Home (in Latin)

    Well done Khan DEVASTATOR! :D You sound like you know your Latin :D Where is that town, by the way? :confused:
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  • joe92joe92 Member Posts: 44Registered Users
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    Just finished the Briton long campaign in the year 206BC. Stoked I beat the 200 mark!

    Started up a new campaign as Germania. Currently on the year 242BC and hold 13 territories. It is so hard as Germania! Since nearly all the countries you start off with are land locked you make a pittance every turn at the start. I have only managed to extend my map by taking all the troops bar 1, from every settlement and marching around. I took Londinium at a risk and it paid off. Eight turns later after churning out more troops and I was laying siege to the other 2 settlements. Briton fell. I then sent a general, a spear warband and a skirmisher over to Ireland and took it. I also have Extended to Domus Dulcius Domus and also the other one that is enclosed in the woods on the very north. It pulls in a fortune from mining and farming currently. I also have a few other territories above and below the Germania starting map. I'm now earning about 1000-2000 every turn and have managed to rebuild my troop stock in all settlements. Nothing spectacular but I also manage to sell my map information every few turns to different factions for about 6000 which is quite nice.
    Che wrote: »
    Well done Khan DEVASTATOR! :D You sound like you know your Latin :D Where is that town, by the way? :confused:

    It is the settlement in the north situated within current Lithuania. Where the city of Kaunus lays.
    "When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity." - Dale Carnegie
  • WelcomeRealityWelcomeReality Junior Member Posts: 18Registered Users
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    Im playing as Brutii in RTW and I just conquered the world.. no joke , took me about 300 hrs of playing but that was a few years ago and im now playing Medieval 2 and Shogun is on the way.. I find myself playing on Medium because well its pretty easy im just afraid to play on Hard in case I get **** on which is most likely.

    It was quite funny actually because I had every settlement and I couldnt figure out for the life of me where the last one was and it ended up being that stupid settlement with those Amazonian rebels ( who absouletely owned me :( ) Anyways sent a full army up there and crushed them and got ssome cool message about there being no more lands to capture. I was well proud :)

    Best game experience ever <3
  • Lord AzazelLord Azazel Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
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    Playing as Egypt and slowly takeing over the Seleucid empire. I decided to take them out first before they go on the attack agaist my settlements do I took over Damarcus and now another coastal city. But Eh I should be able to eliminate them and then work on the other factions. My biggest worry is that carthagians get eliminated and scipi attack me from behind. But eh lets see what happens. Although not happy with Nubian troops not putting their spears down when horses are attacking them. But eh lets see what happens.
  • Khan DEVASTATORKhan DEVASTATOR Senior Member Posts: 917Registered Users
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    Just beat my personal best and finished the game (Rome and all provinces) in the winter of 207BC as the Scipii. I doubt I'll ever top that. Was very close at the end as, if I were following my normal game plan, I probably would have finished at around 203 BC. But, since I was close to my previous best of 205BC, I took a few gambles which paid off including taking Ariminium from the Julii with little fuss then immediately sending that force to Arretium where I had 7 spies already in place. I got to take both cities in the same turn which killed them off. Good thing too as there were besieging a city where I had almost no forces in place.

    As the game says, "To a good general, luck is important".
  • FijiFiji Junior Member Posts: 25Registered Users
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    Armenia ... second time I play that corner of the map, last time was as the Seleucids.
    Wanted something other than yet another Phalanx heavy faction, and Armenia seemed just the thing.
    So, first order of business, send one army east to grab Phraaspa while doing a scout-in-force towards the west.
    Pontus, so I discovered had depleted much of its garrison in order to strike at the Greek cities. So, I sent a newly 'of age' general to beef the scouting party and grabbed Sinope.
    The Pontic reaction was ... erm ... intense. I opted to intercept their counterattacks away from Sinope where the superior mobility of my horse archers could really come into play.
    Having destroyed 2.5 stacks worth of Pontic attacks, I was free to move on Mazaka and Nicomedia without much opposition. After destroying Pontus, I started a campaign against Parthia. Since they are also cavalry heavy, I figured, I'd clip them down to size before they'd become a problem. Arsakia and Susa fell fairly quickly and I meanwhile ******ed up barbarian Ancyra and Chersonesos. After Susa I needed to take a bit of a breather as I was running out of units that weren't needed for garrison duty. But, scaring together whatever could be spared (plus a few mercenary infantry units) I moved on Dumatha wich fell without a fight 4 turns later.
    Before I could choose between the Seleucids or the Egyptians as my next snack, the Seleucids settled the matter for me.
    Note to the Seleucid Empire ... Phalanxes are awesome but not against horse archer.
    Second note tot the Seleucid Empire ... Hey, I like Elephants as much as the next megalomaniac but they're not good for much when they're just standing there.
    In other words, it was a slaughter. 1000 of them dead for a dozen or so of mine. I initiated sieges against Seleucia, Sardis and Tarsus. The latter two, I actually had to fight for, the former surrendered without a fight. I scapred together what few units weren't needed to keep the peace in the newly conquered cities and attcked Palmyra with 6 units. The Seleucids hit me with a 21 unit stack (plus the garrison of Palmyra itself) ... that one got me a great battle icon ... and Palmyra.

    And that's as far as I got last night.
    I have 12 units ready to go against Antioch and another 8 at Sardis for the push against Halicarnassus. But the Greek Cities (an ally of the Seleucids) have 3 full stacks lounging about around that place, so I figure I need a bit more before I head over there. Meanwhile, I'm building an army in Artaxarta and Kotais to give to my newly of-age general. He'll head north to grab Campus Alanni and to finish off the Parthians at Campus Sakae.
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