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Multiplayer Tutorial Glitch

Kiwi_ForceKiwi_Force Junior MemberPosts: 4Registered Users
Sorry I posted this in the FOTS section and now here cause I don't know which one it would be under.

So I just got FOTS and the original Shogun 2 abd am enjoying it very much it really is an awesome game. BUT back when i had the CTD glitchy thing (Fixed now I think) it happened while i was in the middle of the MP Tutorial. Now whenever I finish a MP match on Avatar Conquest the adviser comes up telling me the same thing about skill points and how i just won my first match (regardless of if i won or not and that its not my first). So i go back to the map and it tells me to move my piece so I do but THEN all the options except the main menu button are grayed out, I can fix this by going to menu and back in but its just super annoying having to do that AND hear the same dialogue from that guy every single time I finish a battle. So is there anyway I can like 'reset' the tutorial or just skip it somehow?
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  • ViivrabeViivrabe Senior Member Posts: 434Registered Users
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    "Remember the objective is to capture the castle not destroy it"
    Point is, there is a reason that the ESRB does not rate online [play].

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