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In ProgressCannot start any battle, crashes to desktop



  • KurlVeranekKurlVeranek Registered Users Posts: 12
    Same problem seems to happen only when I get attacked.
  • paperaeropaperaero Registered Users Posts: 5
    Yeah disabling the trusteer endpoint protection worked for me! Bizarre
  • fochtelofochtelo Registered Users Posts: 6
    Connevar said:

    Connevar said:

    Connevar said:

    Hi David_i_a_grant thanks for the info and just wondering how I sort out the Trusteer Rapport as I'm not too computer savvy!! :-)

    Any advice would be great


    It will likely be in your system tray (bottom right), revealed when you press the ^ arrow. The icon is a green square with a white arrow. I think you left click, 'stop rapport', enter the code and press 'shutdown'.
    Hi Lord Commander

    Been looking for the Trusteer Rapport app and can't find it anywhere. There is nothing in the system tray and when I look under programs to try and uninstall it, there is nothing there for Trusteer Rapport. Think I may be losing my marbles here and my patience with CA!!

    Any advice would be great but no worries if not :-)
    Unless you are certain you have it, it's possible you don't have it installed. However, it's worth checking the system tray to see what you have running in the background as any one of a number of things could be causing a similar problem. Even turning off your firewall temporarily might be worth a go; apparently even windows defender can cause issues.
    Thanks Lord Commander, much appreciated and will try the Firewall and Defender idea although pretty frustrated with the radio silence from CA!!

    hello, i have the same problem as connevar, i don't hve trusteer nd i've shut down all my firewalls but to no availl. can somebody please just help me i'm desparete at this point to just get to play the game
  • Recompense40Recompense40 Registered Users Posts: 9
    Fochtelo, it doesn't seem like we'll be hearing back from CA till tomorrow.
  • epic_1597833450064pHd5m3epic_1597833450064pHd5m3 Registered Users Posts: 24
    ...or till a week later. CA just does not care about us, like, at all.
  • CA_Dimitar#6718CA_Dimitar#6718 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 1,002

    Thanks for all the provided files and the patience. The information has been sent to the dev team.

    CA Sofia QA Team

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