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Just finished Normal Campaign with no enemy attacks??

doinwork34doinwork34 Technical ModeratorColorado, USPosts: 2,801Registered Users, Moderators, Tech Moderators
edited April 2012 in Total War: Shogun 2
I just finished a campaign as Jozai (FOTS) on Normal...I had a few turns left when I realized that I just went through the entire campaign with no enemy army ever lauching an assault on me! This could be for many reasons, but at any given point I had 2 or 3 enemies that were capable and on my borders, I wasnt being proactive by attacking their armies either. There were many stretches of time that an enemy army could have marched right into my provinces and attack, but nothing. Has anyone had this happen? Also, I feel like there is a huge gap between normal and hard difficulty since normal is a pushover and hard is suddendly almost impossible (for me atleast lol). I dont know why but its frustrating.
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  • grumhiegrumhie Senior Member Posts: 437Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    normal gives you slight bonusses, hard the AI. i think why is because either 1. you were in a hevay offensive on a front and 2. on other fronts their armies were occupied/too slow.
  • HerrDoktorHerrDoktor Senior Member Posts: 247Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Guess you just got lucky (unlucky?). Independently from difficulty level, the games can turn into tutorial or nightmare mode, depending whether your faction becomes too powerful or becomes an endangered species. People from your faction can declare war on you, but that's less likely to happen than from people from the opposite side. AIs will tend to give priority in advancing against clans of the opposite faction, so, if they have space to grow, they will probably leave you at peace.

    This happened to me two days ago on hard: as Tsu, another imperial clan simply dominated all the shogunate side of Japan. I wanted them to declare war on me, so I would have somewhere to expand, but, even after inciting rebellion in five of his provinces and taking all of them, they remained a loyal ally. That game was Sim City mode from begin to end.
  • reverie7reverie7 Senior Member Posts: 341Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Hell my first game with Satsuma was on hard and I still got a snorefest, only excitement was Tosa backstabbing me in the middle game. It really depends on how strong your allegiance gets, in that Satsuma game my Imperial buddies pretty much steamrolled the map. And alot of that is luck, really. I've seen a minor like Okazaki (who?) dominate the entire Shogunate East, and in my current game I'm seeing a monster Nagoya who just became the Shogunate vanguard. It's pretty cool cause every campaign turn out different, no more of the same old Takeda/Hojo domination in S2.
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