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Best Imperial Special Unit?

yebonstineyebonstine Junior MemberPosts: 8Registered Users
edited April 2012 in Total War: Shogun 2
I have played all three of the imperial clans and im wondering if anyone has a favorite clan to choose on the basis of special unit.
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  • NaishoNaisho Senior Member USAPosts: 3,375Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    there is only 1 special unit for each faction, the Tosa Rifles, and Josai Yugitai (I know I spelled that wrong)
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  • Jungle RhinoJungle Rhino Senior Member Posts: 287Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    The Chosu Kihetai are pretty darn cheesey - they are not a lot more expensive than line infantry and outclass them in every conceivable way.
  • yebonstineyebonstine Junior Member Posts: 8Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Yes im sorry i did not state this more clear. for each clans special unit do you prefer one over the other and does it influence your decision when choosing a clan for a campaign.
  • Colonel MallardColonel Mallard Senior Member Posts: 1,044Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Naisho wrote: »
    there is only 1 special unit for each faction, the Tosa Rifles, and Josai Yugitai (I know I spelled that wrong)
    No, imperials have the three types of bears, kihetai, imperial guard cav, and Tosa riflemen. Shogunate gets white tigers, vermillion birds, azure dragons, black tortoise, shinsengumi, shogitai, yugeketai and shogunate guard cav. Republic gets Republican guard cav, which is like a beefed up saber cav. Unit choice doesn't really affect my choice of campaign, and has no real effect on your gameplay. They are usually slightly more powerful versions of normal units, so the only difference playing as the Jozai will make to your choice of units is that you will get yugeketai instead of sharpshooters.
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