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Tzeench army opinions

_Nyarlathotep__Nyarlathotep_ Registered Users Posts: 88
I am playing Tzeench, but find myself struggling in finding a happy balance of units. I feel like in the longer, survival battles I run out of ammunition and struggle. I found Nurgle and Khorne comparatively fun and intuitive, but the changer of ways eludes me.

Opinions, thoughts, or ideas most appreciated.


  • busbee247busbee247 Registered Users Posts: 1,307
    forsaken are pretty good for the survival battles, also knights are good
  • BloatedCorpse1234BloatedCorpse1234 Registered Users Posts: 214
    Tzeentch is really strong.

    You don’t have much ammo for flamers or horrors, but knights and soul grinders work really well with Kairos, who buffs barriers like crazy. You can take almost infinite damage when you cycle your troops in and out.

    Se early game I use mostly horrors. Late game knights and grinders. Also you have Kairos, who can solo armies when leveled and buffed.
  • SeswathaSeswatha Registered Users Posts: 4,766
    edited February 23
    For survival battles you can pretty much solo them with Kairos, the rest of the army is mostly for capping points. Kairos mostly wants heroes and/or lords of change in his army for these arcane conduits and 200% spell intensity. Exalted pinks do the trick too. But you don't really even need them, it just makes the battles faster.

    Final transmutation enemy lords, monsters, SEs, firestorm infantry. Get life leeching and all his personal line.

    Also, do you know you can buy ammo in survival battles?

    As far as "normal" armies go, Tzeentch doesn't have amazing doomstacks but you can churn out very cost effective armies. Blue horrors are a very good basic unit, Pink horrors are decent, spawn/forsaken combo good in melee and pretty fast, knights are good, doom knights are great vs ranged factions. Flamers great vs armour if you can micro them.

    Generally depends on who you're fighting, vs Nurgle you can just spam ranged, horrors and flamers, vs Kislev or Cathay you want something that can get into their ranged, knights or forsaken do well. Although Blue Horros still do fine vs kossars but less so vs armored jades.
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  • _Nyarlathotep__Nyarlathotep_ Registered Users Posts: 88
    You can buy ammo? I have completely missed this option, is it near the reinforcements button?
  • SeswathaSeswatha Registered Users Posts: 4,766

    You can buy ammo? I have completely missed this option, is it near the reinforcements button?

    It's on the bottom bar, you can buy ammo, heal units, buy extra winds of magic and upgrade units (I think upgrades are a different button).

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