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In ProgressBlack screen and crash when I launch game

NemoxNemox Registered Users Posts: 2,901
edited February 25 in Crashes
Build number: 1.0.1 on the launcher

A weird issue cropped up last night when the game patched (I was playing perfectly fine before patch and have 40hrs total playtime). Every time I launched Warhammer 3 and pressed play on the launcher, it would load up black screen for a few seconds and just close. No message or game splash screen. I have reinstalled the game twice, and tried turning off my anti-virus programs and verified integrity of files many times.

What is really strange is I had this issue when I pre-loaded Warhammer 3 on the 15th and for some reason Warhammer 2 wouldn't launch (it was exactly like this). It didn't bother me that much since I was done playing it so I didn't investigate further. Strangely, after 3 launched, I could play Warhammer 2 again. Anyway, I ended up uninstalling War2 just in case there was some weird conflict. Still Warhammer 3 will not launch.

Included files that should help.
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  • NemoxNemox Registered Users Posts: 2,901
    Build number: I can't load the game to see, but the launcher has it listed as Game version: 1.0.1.

    Platform: Steam
  • NemoxNemox Registered Users Posts: 2,901
    edited February 25
    Okay I managed to fix it. By chance I saw some people resolving in game crashes by moving the preferences.script and imgui.ini.script files out of the war3 scripts folder. Boom the game loaded. I'm not sure what has happened there, but so far I can actually get into the game. Don't have time to test if there are any crashes loading into saves, but I count that as progress.

    edit: managed to load my campaign save. Seems to be all good.

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