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Having problems with my armies.

C04LC04L Junior MemberPosts: 6Registered Users
edited April 2012 in Rome: Total War
i just finished playing for my first day. i did the tutorial bit.

i went to imperial campain and started. but i am finding that repairing units doesn't seem to work for me well.

after a seige battle my number were depleted, all of my units were at least at 1quarter strength. so i was in the city with this army and i noticed a repair tab... i clicked to repair all the units listed(although not all types of units were listed so some of my forces would still be qtr strength).

i bought 4 garison and made my army leave for another seige but was intercepted, i clicked battle and when it was on the field of battle my army was not repaired. needless to say i got ganked.

im used to playing ntw and the later versions where you click to repair and it takes 1-2 3 to repir a unit to full strength yet that doesnt happen in rometw.. is that correct... or what am i doing wrong.
my play style is to repair all forces before moving on.. btw i had plenty of denari.

thanks for any tips/help
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  • C04LC04L Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    my appologies, i decided to do the right thing and search on the forums and i found this..

    "Retraining versus merging.
    CA developer Dutch has this to say on retraining:
    “Retraining can do two things:

    1) if the settlement can produce that type of unit, it will replenish the unit with new soldiers *at the units average experience level*; these soldiers are subtracted from the settlement population as normal
    2) if the settlement can produce armour or weapon upgrades for which the unit is eligible and which it does not already have, retraining will add these to the unit being retrained

    If the settlement can do both, it will do so. Replenishment costs a proportion of the unit's cost in denarii, while retraining for upgrades costs a nominal amount per upgrade. You can retrain as many units as will fit into the recruitment queue in one turn, although you end up paying for all of them. Hence it is often better to retrain a lot of old units if you need troops quickly, rather than recruiting new.”

    Clearly at the moment retraining is the better proposition, especially if you have veteran troops. "

    from here
    thanks frogbeastegg
  • C04LC04L Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    so now i have a lot of reading to do from his guide...
  • AnthropoidAnthropoid Junior Member Posts: 15Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Didn't even know you could merge units into one another.
  • flamingryu30flamingryu30 Senior Member Posts: 884Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Also remember that merging can reduce or increase the experience in one or both of the units you merge and it does the same with armor and weapon upgrades.
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