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A second chance?

Comrade1976Comrade1976 Junior MemberPosts: 6Registered Users
edited April 2012 in Empire: Total War
I've been thinking of giving Empire a second chance, figured I would get the gold pack (convenient package) and I was wondering what your guys views on that would be? I remember its buggy nature and poor AI, even after all the patches but I think maybe the time has come to bury the hatchet and put some time in it. I don't have any intention to add any major mods it......... so yeah..... What do you guys think? Stick with shogun or head back to Empire?

P.S I remember reading somewhere that there was a mod that brought over JUST the AI from darthmod, and i also was wondering if that would be enough to make the old girl worth the time. Thanks guys!
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  • RyanMan12RyanMan12 Senior Member Posts: 436Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    i got the game after the final ca patch so i cant relate to your situation. however i have darthmod and i enjoy it so give it another shot
  • srl97srl97 Senior Member Posts: 354Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Give it a fair go. The last patch, as far as my machine goes, made the game as stable as any other tw game. I would also recommend
    h/h difficulty. At least that's what I play and I've found that makes the game to be a good enough challenge!
  • Hannibal BarcaHannibal Barca Senior Member Posts: 811Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    I'm starting to consider it myself now:P can we get some input on the diplomacy? Has it been changed from it's state at release? I'd be rather dissapointed if when i tried to trade 4 different technologies for one measly farming technology and be refused every time like it was previously.
  • LSDLSD Senior Member Posts: 861Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    ^ It's still like that, and so is Napoleon. You'll randomly get away with trading something useless and low-end for some top-tier tech, but most of the time you won't be able to trade with another nation the entirety of Europe, the tenfold wealth of the world's kings and most impressive technological advancements for the ability to shove a sharpened stick into the butt of your soldiers' muskets.

    So yes, what i'm saying is that diplomacy is still completely broken; and the little "threaten" button still exists solely to give the player a -30 debuff to relations and instant refusal from every other nation.
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  • The KestrelThe Kestrel Senior Member Posts: 850Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    I find the enemy nations much more reasonable when I have thousands of troops advancing over their soil. Although at that point there is little enough purpose in obtaining peace unless you have other wars to fight.
  • E'dolloE'dollo Senior Member Posts: 128Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Empire and Napoleon are both great, so yes. I'd say give Empire another try, and Napoleon if you haven't already played it. But the nice thing about Empire is the vast scale on the Campaign map. Obviously Napoleon is a more limited scope. (Napoleonic France).
  • GuardianOfBlindGuardianOfBlind Senior Member Posts: 947Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    If you feel an urge to go back to something, you will go for it sooner or later. So better just go get it :)

    I still suggest finding some mod that suits you, mods can improve gameplay massively.
  • feelfreetodiefeelfreetodie Senior Member Posts: 320Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    i just went back to it. AMAZING

    the opening video wasnt choppy, no more waiting 2-3 minutes for end turn. what happened?
    i just finished a campaign i started yesterday. no end turn took longer than 10 seconds, loading battles was also quick. the game runs faster than stw2 now.

    if the game ran like this from the start it would have easily been the best tw game ever. so much to do in the campaign. diplomacy? who really cares, i can get trading partners easy enough and thats what only matters. stw2 revolves around diplomacy and in my opinion that suks.

    if you want a real challenge, play without any trade nodes and only one trade partner on vh/vh. its very doable.
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