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SolvedCampaign crash at start. FIXED and CAUSE DISCOVERED !!!

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I and many others have been having an issue with starting any campaign. After the initial cinematic we press "Continue" and the campaign map should start but we crash. This happens with the prolog as well.

A work around is having a friend save a game at turn 1 and send it to you. I personally found that the first time you enter a daemon god's realm I experienced the same issue using this work around.


This is on windows 10. Note simply changing your account name will not work.

@CA I'm no coder but I am a Sysadmin. I think the issue is in the file structure as the bug did not resolve until I changed the folder located at "C:\Users\"user & user" *note: remove quotes.

FIXES for players

1) make a new user account without an ampersand "&"

2) WHAT I DID to make it work on your current account... This one is involved. WARNING! Back up / create a system restore point as changing anything in your registry can royally mess up your system.

a) login with admin permissions and: go to control panel (large icons) > user accounts > click the account and change the name to something without an ampersand "&"

b) open task manager > go to file and run new task > type in the window "cmd" and check the "create task as admin" box > click okay

c) in the command prompt type "wmic useraccount list full" > this will list a bunch of accounts. look in the name field for your exact account. it will look like this "name=word amp&; word" where "amp&;" is your ampersand is in your name. in that entry find the "SID=S-1-########" and make note of it. write it down or copy paste it somewhere.

d) in search type "regedit" and run as admin > in the window navigate down the file tree on the left to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList" > here you will find a folder with the exact SID number you found before. click the folder and find the entry in the right window called "ProfileImagePath" and change the part with your old username to your new one.

e) Restart. Your profile will look jacked up. everything will be missing. do not worry. go to "C:\Users". you will find here both your old name and your new one. cut and paste everything in the old name file to the new name file. be sure to include hidden files.

f) Restart again and log in. your profile should look like normal and now nothing contains the "&" symbol. At this point the bug was fixed.
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