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Favourite faction in WH3

Fingolfin_the-GoldenFingolfin_the-Golden Registered Users Posts: 5,722

Favourite faction in WH3 148 votes

LCJValkaarTheChocolateJesusGrumpyTheGreatSteelRoninTennisgolfbollYakintonRikRiorikgates1ebdAJH1987R08akNyxilisManpersalArneSoGuillermidasBesidesTosteam_164507984434RWi8amtepic_159740060721FdZ83lEepic_159758496946hNeETHlChasingRainbows 29 votes
davedave1124LESAMASteph_F_DavidLaindeshSerkeletMyskotalonnMaedrethnirKrunchWalkaboutMalruirDragantisStoreslemmisunderstoodvampireoliverpmasonBastileanthebiglezEquixErathilEdhwen 38 votes
TyphoonNewtNightOfTheDeadRipenoliDream_Keeper 4 votes
BatrikScionOfTheEmperorcabans33GettoGeckoEth3ryasStoomBeathanisLennoxPoodleKillertutuzualHourgath_the_Hutridsteam_164512333278MjpAndvBilltheConquerorSork0100Volzhin 15 votes
OmegaJakSekomoijouArbitraryDwarfVon_CarsteinFossowaydooria1DjauNeodeinosdan_eldarTheRealIronJazZb_tookMini_BananaParmenion59 13 votes
Barnak410RheingoldCosmic_LichDeadpoolSWAzgardysimonboikcoldboi9 7 votes
Bmnoble981mewade44Odie0351endur1v0LunaticprinceSurge_2XxXScorpionXxXsandercoheninvernomutoKatechonIIDukeNukemIIpetherDrazhoaththeAshenhillbillymachinegundrclaw_twKhorneBull 17 votes
RGent80RikisFinishingLaststeam_164508488204ksLEMXCConstantineZAynTheo91vuloceMisterSquidBlack_PhillipKyler_883VykosDrawVidsYannirDarthEnderXsasori1548Sagezdrogarito92MoongorPassthechips 19 votes
(I want to put bears, but shouldn’t. So..) other
Fredenlucibuisdamon40000SneedGamingK3KevilinioHymeer 6 votes
BEARS, Beets, Battlestar Galactica 🧝‍♀️ Pandas too please CA!


  • BloodydaggerBloodydagger Registered Users Posts: 4,281
  • lcmiraclelcmiracle Registered Users Posts: 799
  • Fingolfin_the-GoldenFingolfin_the-Golden Registered Users Posts: 5,722
    lcmiracle said:


    You win. 👍
    BEARS, Beets, Battlestar Galactica 🧝‍♀️ Pandas too please CA!
  • GuillermidasGuillermidas MadridRegistered Users Posts: 395
    lcmiracle said:


    "It's small, filthy and noisy. H! Just like a dwarf!"
  • DrazhoaththeAshenDrazhoaththeAshen Registered Users Posts: 850
    Much as I would love to say one of my more preferred gods, got to be Khorne for me. I can say honestly I really love them all. Warhammer 3 more than either of the other titles promises to, at least in terms of races, deliver the most for me. Another reason why I am really desperate for this game to be all that it can be.

    They captured the essence of bloody slaughter with Khorne so well. You really do feel like this force of destruction that just wants to lay waste to appease the Axefather. I can't wait for the blood pack, put on some priestess, load up some flavor mods, and just get that feeling of being a barbarian who no longer needs food or sleep. Only slaughter. Very well done.

    I could easily find wonderful things to say about just about any of the other races, though. All sorts of beautiful sound work, visuals, scoring, mechanics.
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  • DurinelminpietraDurinelminpietra Registered Users Posts: 273
  • BonutzBonutz Registered Users Posts: 5,532
    Honestly, this is a hard choice. My top 3 are definitely Khorne, Kislev, and Cathay but honestly they’re all good. The only race I can say that I really don’t like is Nurgle. Way too slow for me.
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  • OmegaJakOmegaJak Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 294
    Slaanesh is an absolute blast. I love glass cannon units and the ridiculous speed of every Slaaneshi unit is just an enormously good time. Masses of micromanagement all the time, weird stuff to do on the campaign map, love it.
  • RikisRikis Registered Users Posts: 1,682
    Although they don't have my favorite LL, i voted Ogres for my favorite WH3 race. A good LL like Ghark Ironskin and he may as well challenge the top spot from Count Noctilus for my favorite LL.
  • NyxilisNyxilis Registered Users Posts: 7,316
    Kislev, but Tzeench is a very close second for me.

    Also, between this poll and others..... lol at all the people who say Cathay was just for the Chinese market.
  • Warlord_Lu_BuWarlord_Lu_Bu Registered Users Posts: 3,063
    I really liked Cathay tbh... I thought i'd love Ogre Kingdoms the most... but nope.
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  • WalkaboutWalkabout Member Registered Users Posts: 2,808
    Well no surprises with this poll outcomes.
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  • LegendaryArticunoLegendaryArticuno Registered Users Posts: 501
    Cathay due to Sky Junks
  • Cosmic_LichCosmic_Lich Registered Users Posts: 529
    I thought I would be a Nurgle guy because of plague stuff, but the spell-fire aesthetic of Tzeentch just drew me in.
  • talonntalonn Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,642
    I have played Cathay, Kislev, Tzeentch and now playing Khorne. (all VH/H and with balanced army/no doomstack)

    So far I like Cathay the best. they are balanced just nice and not too OP in battle. I especially like how I felt intimidated whenever I faced Khorne / Ogres in battte since I knew if I was not being careful, I could lose easily once my formation was broken.

    Kislev sometimes can be too easy in battle, esp once you have access to bears

    Tzeentch and Khorne are fun at first (in battle), but they get boring after a while since their units are simply too powerful to my taste
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,299
    Kislev for now. But Cathay isn't too far behind.

    I could easily see it swing back and forth between Kislev and Cathay from Lord Pack to Lord Pack.

    I like Cathay's roster and mechanics more. But I like Kislev's start positions more and I like Katarin as a LL the most out the competition.

    So a Lord Pack that gives Cathay a unique start position could easily tip that scale in Cathay's favor. Or a couple Kislev Lord Packs with substantial roster improvements and quality mechanics could cement Kislev's lead.

    We'll have to see how it unfolds.
  • kaiki_utokyokaiki_utokyo Registered Users Posts: 319
    I really want to play Khuresh if there is a race pack one day.
  • MaedrethnirMaedrethnir Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,204
  • Theo91Theo91 Registered Users Posts: 2,820
    The rest feel incomplete
  • ArneSoArneSo Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 34,880
    Nurgle is love, Nurgle is life
  • AJH1987AJH1987 Registered Users Posts: 216
    Kislev. I'm absolutely stunned to see Cathay winning, I find them so utterly beige and a cautionary tale against just adding loads of factions loosely based on the real world in a fantasy setting.
  • Bmnoble981Bmnoble981 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,285
    There mechanics are what I hoped Warriors of Chaos would be like when they first came out in Warhammer 1 instead of just a hoard.

    Favorite will probably end up being Chaos Dawi later on though.
  • SteelRoninSteelRonin Junior Member ChileRegistered Users Posts: 1,488
    Kislev <3
  • Hourgath_the_HutridHourgath_the_Hutrid Registered Users Posts: 840
    Grandfather' loves all
  • LennoxPoodleLennoxPoodle Registered Users Posts: 1,666

    Grandfather' loves all

    And all love Grandfather!
  • Eth3ryasEth3ryas Registered Users Posts: 1,023
    The only faction I played.
  • TennisgolfbollTennisgolfboll Registered Users Posts: 12,724
    edited April 23
    Empire bro
    Post edited by Tennisgolfboll on
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  • drogarito92drogarito92 Registered Users Posts: 1,164

    and then Ogres, Tzeentch, Kislev and Slaanesh.
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