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Ideas for the next Total War game

ArcheSeleukiaArcheSeleukia Junior MemberPosts: 2Registered Users
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Any fans of Total War that have any neat ideas for the next game post here! I like the idea of a Khan Total War where instead of acquiring upgrades and technology through research like in Empire and Shogun, you'd get it by conquering others! For example, if you want better roads tech you first have to conquer 3 Chinese territories. Another example would be gaining access to the turko-mongol saber, which unlocks better damage for sword units and a new elite unit, would require conquering a certain number of Turkish territories. This would always give players a goal and is much more entertaining than watching a number steadily decrease next to an icon! I'd also like to see improved diplomacy (after all Genghis Khan gained many clans through diplomacy) where army size, economic scope, and past actions are considered. I can't count how many times in total war games when a faction I had nearly destroyed rejected very generous peace terms! I should also be able to initiate alliance between two of my allies who aren't allied with each other and to ask for help in specific battles or to relieve a weak, besieged garrison. Also, improve the AI! Make them less stupid on and off the battlefield! In addition, a campaign with stages of conquest might help pace the game better. For example, going back to an example from a hypothetical Khan Total War, first the map is limited to Mongolia. Then, after conquering Mongolia, the map opens up to the historical lands conquered by Mongolia. After conquering all that, you would get a victory screen but the map would further open up into lands not historically conquered by the Mongols like Western Europe and Africa. Well I'm going to stop rambling now and let other people post their ideas now!
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  • Half Life ExpertHalf Life Expert Senior Member Oak Park, CA , USAPosts: 4,562Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Wrong Sub Forum, must be in TW General Chat

    So many threads already on this topic

    Why have the angry face?
    "we have officially entered into pre-whinning about our games."- Cogre

    I will always respect differing opinions on here, so long as they are presented maturely and in a civil manner

    "No Battleplan ever survives contact with the enemy"- Helmuth Von Moltke the Elder

    The WWI Thread:

    I'm skipping TW: Warhammer
  • ArcheSeleukiaArcheSeleukia Junior Member Posts: 2Registered Users
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    Will have to check out those threads! Not sure about the angry face either I usually have a sunny disposition!
  • SecuterSecuter Senior Member Posts: 1,791Registered Users
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    Meh I wouldn't like a Kahn Totalwar. I don't want another Asian game again. Also it seems like the units, again, would be somewhat limited. The Mongols did not use anything, but horse archers, until they learned about lances in china.

    I do see your arguement in terms of research. However it would make the game an enternity of conquest, peace would be useless, as you can't research meanwhile. No I actually like the research system. But well I suppose that making the factions more unique wouldn't hurt.
    Not to mention I don't want to only be able to play as Mongolia. I'd like a game that would cover all of Mongolia, China, Middle east, Europe, Russia and some of Africa... But I suppose that it was kinda like that in Med 2.

    Here you go;
    That's the diplomacy you were talking about.
    Make a Medieval 3!
    More units.
    More interested in European history.
    Different cultures.
    More factions.
    Not that many gun powder troops, it's not a new Empire I want.
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