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Is 3K worth a go for Warhammer loving TW player?

Anthonyb6001Anthonyb6001 Registered Users Posts: 16
Almost 3 thousand hours in TWW2, mainly in the sandbox mode mortal empires. Not loving TWW3 in its current state. Is this game worth a go? Will I find similarities? Thanks!


  • Zilong_93Zilong_93 Registered Users Posts: 120
    In this game even light cavalry make charge impact, so yes you should enjoyed.
  • talonntalonn Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,460
    campaign and diplomacy in 3k are more complex than wh2, it might take you sometime to get used to it
  • united84united84 Registered Users Posts: 1,114
    There are plenty of TW3K playthroughs on youtube to help you make an informed decision. (Example; Serious Trivia and MrSmartDonkeyLP).

    Better than asking opinion on forums as everyone has different bias, preference and whatnot.
  • KrunchKrunch Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,316
    It's a great game in my opinion. Just pick a faction and have fun, cavalry is a blast to use.
  • Pat_MillerPat_Miller Registered Users Posts: 39
    edited May 17
    Definitely go for it, 3K is a very enjoyable game.

    I also advise you to grab a couple of mods to help fixing the buggy mess left by the abrupt closing of the game Dev by CA. The most important being 1.7.1 BUG FIX 修复.

    The mod community is a joyful mess, offering endless material to make the game shine even more. But it's kind of messy and it took me a year to find a stable list of mods loaded in the correct order that fits my taste. Dealing with mods in 3K is like a minigame ! :D
  • King_ManduKing_Mandu Registered Users Posts: 48
    It's a fantastic game and I just got back into it. Cav is amazing, the battle maps aren't tiny like in WH2, sieges are actually fun and only main settlements have walls so it isn't a grindfest like WH. You can do so much with diplomacy it's crazy and you can cheese a lot of stuff via payments, food, ultimatums, trading ancillaries, etc. The coalitions are awesome and I wish they out those in WH3. The units suffer from some sameness (what historical title doesn't) but different factions have different playstyles so the game doesn't get stale at all. It feels like there's more freedom in 3K than any other TW game imo.
  • punic_soldierpunic_soldier Registered Users Posts: 133
    edited May 23
    the best game of the entire saga total war three kingoms, with historical events, script, characters, good graphics, complete and varied diplomacy and much more, canceled due to a bad decision by CA, leaving behind many serious customers who have acquired all the DLC, thinking that the game was going to be completed.
    i acquired all the expansions and DLC of this game, the first total war game that finished solo campaigns and without mods, without getting bored and without seeing historical aberrations.
    we would have liked to see all this in a total war rome, starting points of times, historical characters, historical events, dilemmas and not seeing how a barbarian tribe invades half of europe, that breaks the entire campaign.
    but CA, i bet on freaks and casual gamers with their horrible warhammer games.
    Instead of betting on serious clients,which many of us have been since the total war saga was created.
    all serious clients of total war, we were angry with the cancellation of the three kingdoms that was still unfinished, without exclusive mechanics in important factions, still missing many characters and without the history of the three kingdoms being complete.
    lately i have been seeing the news that warhammer III is a complete flop, no one plays it and the game seems to have a lot of bugs.
    It's what happens when you trust freaks and casual gamers, they are not loyal people like clientele and now CA is paying dearly for it.
    the bad thing is that many clients of historical games have been fed up with CA and in the future they will not acquire more products.
    all the clients who were loyal to the saga are enjoying a lot,with warhammer III going fatal and hoping that CA cancels this horrible game once and for all.
    that CA redeems itself and picks up again total war kingdoms where it left off, here we are the true clients of total war.
    take up this excellent game and the next historical game is from the era of gunpowder or pikes and muskets, with well detailed campaigns, such as the English civil war, the thirty years war, even go back to the Napoleonic era and if the campaign is extensive in time and geographically, with starting points in its expansions and DLC, so as not to see historical aberrations like in total war rome of a tribe conquering europe, which finds historical realism.
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