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Remove count toward max missile unit for Armored Kossar

YvresseYvresse Registered Users Posts: 18
I know that Kislev is a hybrid faction, but the armored kossar is not so much of a missile unit

since they have little to no range, only 3 ammo and most of the time they would just be a frontline melee unit

when choosing build for kislev you will run into the missile cap so quickly that most of their roster will be just un-usable
which force u to take expensive and not so effective tzar guard if you going wide, or take more expensive cavs

in the army roster section they already have been regconized as melee infantry with special ranged weapon, so please remove count towrard max missile unit for Armored Kossar


  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,984
    Nah. The max missile count is already ludicrously generous and one of the things that likely needs to be reduced on its own.

    Nothing needs to be done to allow players to field even MORE missile units.
  • Totentanz777Totentanz777 Registered Users Posts: 735
    No. You could apply the same logic to skink javelins, miners with blasting charges, and ironbreakers. All of these units should count towards the cap, including kossars.
  • BovineKingBovineKing Registered Users Posts: 910
    Blasting charges have 1 ammo now don’t they?

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