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Game Crash on next turn , 3 play throughs same issue

HeretusHeretus Registered Users Posts: 2
Playing with the Greek cities faction , 3 play throughs the game crashed at turn 100+ ( 1st play through it would crash on 109 , second on 114 , third on 110) messaged support and aside from the usual (that I had already tried) like loading earlier save , verifying files , updating graphs etc , they had no real solution or idea why the crash happens.

I think I managed to pin point the issue : the game just crashes on next turn when Rebel faction loses the Bostra settlement to Egypt , no idea why , my games would crash no matter what I tried , no matter what actions I took , thus when I realized what the issue was I just loaded a previous march and rushed in to take the settlement myself.

No problems since, but after that I really had no will to continue the game , 3 playthroughs all wasted cause of this weird bug , please fix it as soon as possible , can provide all the files , crash reports, screen shots, saves games you need.


  • HeretusHeretus Registered Users Posts: 2
    update: played again today , and after like 6 turns.... crash again , same issue

    disabled Fog , to see what's causing the issue now... its the rebel faction just moving its army.

    So I suppose there is a bug that crashes the game if rebel faction (for now at least the game is only crashing when that faction is "playing") does.... anything really , loses a settlement , crash , gains a settlement ? crash , moves a unit / army around ? , Crash , I really wish I could get a refund as the game is obviously broken.

    Yes I have verified file integrity , yes I have updated my drivers, Yes my computer can handle a lot (AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor , 16,0 GB , AMD radeon RX 6800 XT) , NO I do not use mods.

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