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Suppressive fire

wsx1986wsx1986 Senior MemberPosts: 182Registered Users
What at the exact effects of suppressive fire?
I know it gives a moral penalty, increases reload rate, and reduce accuracy, but by how much? (i.e., is it a certain percentage loss in accuracy/increase in reload or is it a set value?)

Also, how do some of you use this ability? For me, I upgrade my imperial infantries with just this ability and nothing else. I like to use it early in my shoot outs, and due to its fast refresh rate I am usually able to use this ability twice in my battles.
I have also tried using supp fire when my oponent's units are quite down in numbers after a few normal volleys so it pushes them to an early rout.
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  • Marshal SuchetMarshal Suchet Senior Member Posts: 2,077Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    From memory it drops accuracy by 10 but increases reload by 20 (though I will have to check to be completely sure). It also slows the target unit but its unclear by how much, i personally don't see much of a change in the target units speed.

    I like the ability quite a lot, its swung a lot of gun battles against otherwise superior infantry completely in my favour. Its also handy to use in the period just after a unit has moved and started firing, as this makes up for lost volleys while my men have been maneuvering into position. Its also handy to use when you're being rushed by melee troops or charged by cav. The ability duration is very short though, so be sparing with where and when you use it.
  • dark as silverdark as silver Senior Member Posts: 1,510Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    +20 reload and -20 accuracy on the troop activating it. -1 morale -5% movement speed on affected units both friendly and enemy, I think there is also a reload speed debuff however I can't remember.
  • RaptorJesusDesuRaptorJesusDesu Member Posts: 32Registered Users
    edited April 2012
    Seems most effective to give it to a unit with high accuracy. I used to give these to Black Tortoise units because there is almost no cost effective/practical way to vet them. Spend 100 koku on acc or reload and Azure Dragons are always better.

    However their accuracy is so bad I am really questioning whether or not I should use it on them.
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