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What will CA give us during Warhammer Skulls event



  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 37,584
    Poggy woggy content of course.
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  • ArsenicArsenic Registered Users Posts: 7,432
    edited May 31
    I'll be honest, I'm hoping for a "What is TWW3?" video, but I'm expecting nothing, a DLC trailer teaser at best.

    Am certainly not hanging around to see it if it's after tomorrow, I intend to party like it's 1929 in honour of Her Maj.
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  • mupmasmupmas Registered Users Posts: 54
    Prob something like they did last month when they stickied a trailer for the game months after release.
  • overtaker40overtaker40 Registered Users Posts: 984
    CA likes to drip feed info. If I owned a hat I'd offer to eat it, if CA does one massive content dump. Never gonna happen, these fools are just setting themselves up for disappointment and more complaints about not getting what they are entitled to.
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  • drclaw_twdrclaw_tw Registered Users Posts: 289
    Immortal empires trailer
    I hope for a dlc trailer, realistically probably getting ZILCH.
  • RomeoRejectRomeoReject Registered Users Posts: 1,932
    Bies said:

    I vote they'll give us Dust Goblins.

    Fight me.
  • MythrilSoulMythrilSoul Registered Users Posts: 1,038
    edited June 1
    if it is anything other than nothing or another hollow update, i will be rather pleasantly surprised
  • OdTengriOdTengri Registered Users Posts: 9,406
    Immortal empires trailer
    So basically everyone either things Nothing or News... which is basically nothing. Its not like they'd release a DLC or Immortal Empires without an announcement.
  • Mr_Finley7Mr_Finley7 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8,348
    With all the unrealistic, pie in the sky wishes being thrown around, I might as well venture one of mine.

    Nippon 😂
  • lcmiraclelcmiracle Registered Users Posts: 806
    Patch 1.3 overview
    The electors of the empire dlc

    Including the elder of the moot
  • ArneSoArneSo Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 35,258
    DLC teaser

    With all the unrealistic, pie in the sky wishes being thrown around, I might as well venture one of mine.

    Nippon 😂

    Most people here have quite realistic expectations this time tho.

    Expecting a teaser trailer like last year isn’t unreasonable.
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