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Realms of Chaos in IE



  • DarthEnderXDarthEnderX Registered Users Posts: 3,986
    edited June 14
    Yes but not like in WH3
    OmegaJak said:

    If they're optional areas that are really hard to get to, genuinely a challenge to fight through, and offer really big risks and rewards, then sure!

    Nah man. It's just a bunch of colored islands where you walk in, beat up the daemons there, and take over their settlements.

    Population growth is...subpar. But it's the price to pay to paint that map!
  • DrazhoaththeAshenDrazhoaththeAshen Registered Users Posts: 859
    Yes but not like in WH3
    I really want it to feel like the mad alternate dimension from which Daemons advance and to which they retreat, as I imagined it to be when we first found out it would be included. And I still want to be able to spread Nurgle's gifts to the other realms. Especially the realm of that licentious wastrel Slaanesh.
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  • mecanojavi99mecanojavi99 EspañaRegistered Users Posts: 10,081
    edited June 14
    Bonutz said:

    RoC should absolutely be there but it needs to be reworked.

    - no souls race (obvious this will happen)
    - It should have strict objectives and be much harder to get there for non-daemon races
    - remove survival battles.

    Then they’ll be in a good place.

    Survival Battles have been confirmed for a while to not be in IE, since they are tied to the narrative which isn't present in IE, similar to how the final Vortex battles isn't in ME either.

    Honestly, I feel like the Realms should be bonus zones, places you go to get rewards after beating challenges but that at the end of the day are entirely optional.
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  • ammo2095ammo2095 Registered Users Posts: 1,011
    I'd be disappointed in CA's stance on the matter, if they chose to give up on them. With some careful adjustments they could be a good addition to the sandbox. CA is already looking at ways to make a more challenging/different experience to what we get, so they might as well use what they have already.
  • AnnoyedOneEyedGuyAnnoyedOneEyedGuy Registered Users Posts: 2,478
    Yes but not like in WH3
    id say make the rifts a feature you can open on your own (if you want using a wizard or spellcasting LL) to enter the realm if you want special weapons or gear maybe and have it last a certain amount of time or close after a few turns
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