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Crash on the initial logos screen

NehylenNehylen Registered Users Posts: 3
edited June 18 in Crashes
I just acquired TW:Warhammer 3, and could actually play a campaign for 3~4 hours. I had installed a few mods through the Steam workshop, all UI-related.

At some point, my PC crashed during my game, I restarted Windows. The game has been systematically crashing on the logos screen (Intel, Sega, CA, Symplygon, etc...) each time I launch it, ever since. It takes about 5-6s in which the game is loading, and then CTD.

- I tried a files verification, un-subscribed all mods, deleted the steam download cache, re-downloaded the game: same
- after that initial attempt, I did the same thing as my 1st attempt, restarted my computer, entirely removed the Warhammer III folder in c:\users\%myuser\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly, checked that there was no TW:WH3 folder in my Steamapps, then re-downloaded, tried tried the "-windowed -noborder -dx11" as options to start the game: same

- I tried with suspended antivirus: same
- updated my graphics drivers to the latest: same

I haven't the slightest clue as to why I can't play this anymore at this stage, or why I could actually play in the 1st place

edit: I attached mdmp, the log file & dxdiag. There is no preferences file, or any file in C:\Users\%myuser%\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer3\scripts . The only one I can see is with the launcher and contains this single line:


  • NehylenNehylen Registered Users Posts: 3
    Having just acquired the game, I was able to play for about 4 hours, after which my computer crashed for some reason.
    Having restarted, I haven't been able to play TW:WH3 at all: whenever I try, it opens up the GW licence+Sega+CA+Symplygon..etc logos. Stays for about 5-6s, then closes it back to desktop. Systematically.

    I've tried checking files, uninstalling completely, removing the TW:WH3 folder from \%Appdata%\Roaming\The Creative Assembly entirely, unsubscribed mods, cleansed Steam download cache, tried options to launch the game windowed, no border and dx11, upgraded my graphics drivers to the latest version,.
    The behaviour never varies: 5-6s on that logo screen, and CTD.
    Since I've deleted the folder in Appdata\Roaming, I've no preferences script, so I've tried the one submittedhere, same thing. I've even tried the one from my Warhammer2 folder, same thing still: every time, the logos screens CTD's

  • NehylenNehylen Registered Users Posts: 3
    edit: sorry, the forum seemed to be having issues, I had error pages, and my discussion didn't appear, which makes this a double post. I'm failing to see how I can delete it.
  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 40,796
    Your post was picked up by the forum autosecurity and pulled for moderator approval. You should have received a pop-up to that effect. All you need to do if it happens again is wait.

    I've merged the two posts into this one as there seems to be slightly different information in them.

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  • ArtemisBane213ArtemisBane213 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I am also having the same issue.

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