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v1.2 - legion of chaos, a bug relate to chaos god dedication


when I played legion of chaos fraction and unlocked khorne's offering VIII after dedicating to Khorne. All the lords did not gain bonus movement range after any kinds of battle. The example screenshots below shows the my lord does not gain any bonus movement points after battle.

The save file is also attached. The game was originally run with 4 mods which do not make any significant changes. I am able to reload the game and keep playing without any mod. The save file is created without mods. The mods I used are: better camera mod, settlement capture picture, disable startup screen, one button respec.

This is the pre-battle screenshot:

This is the after battle screenshot:


  • TheSassassinTheSassassin Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hey I'm bumping this thread as I've also noticed this and after seeing the current issues listed I'm hoping this will make it into next patch.

    I've tried both battles and sieges with no mods after unlocking the Khorne dedication bonus to gaining movement range after winning a battle, and it appears to have no effect on any lords including the demon prince.

    This was an issue after this dedication effect was added in 1.1? And it's possible there are other issues with Khorne's dedication path but I have not investigated other than the movement as I feel it is the most enticing option for me as a player.

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