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Map Speculation IE

ChristianSparta#2551ChristianSparta#2551 Registered Users Posts: 251

I have put all the Lords included in the DLC.


  • ammo2095#8079ammo2095#8079 Registered Users Posts: 1,548
    No Ind or Fishermen no agrees for the post
  • Maidros98Maidros98 IranRegistered Users Posts: 550
    That is quite good, but I still hope that Sigvald will become slaanesh.
  • Neodeinos#5871Neodeinos#5871 Registered Users Posts: 15,836
    The one WE LL I would move is Drycha to the Haunted Forest, Durthu's fine where he is.
  • kaiki_utokyo#9006kaiki_utokyo#9006 Registered Users Posts: 499
    I bet Sigvald being in somewhere Old World, Brettonia possibly.
  • Wyvax#7456Wyvax#7456 Registered Users Posts: 6,200
    I really like how you've placed Alberic de Bordelaeux in Lustria. There was a bret colony there named Bregone, and as the naval character he's perfect for reestablishing it. Plus it give Markus a good ally in the region.
  • ChristianSparta#2551ChristianSparta#2551 Registered Users Posts: 251
    edited June 30
    Neodeinos said:

    The one WE LL I would move is Drycha to the Haunted Forest, Durthu's fine where he is.

    Wood Elves have teleport, Durthu can come back if he wants.

    I did it for variety, but I wouldn't move Drycha when she hates humans.
  • mewade44#6520mewade44#6520 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,085
    Cathay looking pretty barren. Hope they move some aggressive folks over there.
  • Nazjax#2857Nazjax#2857 Registered Users Posts: 2,557
    Von Carstein there ? No Vlad need to be on Drakhenof more than Mannfred. If someone need to swap it's more Mannfred IMO. Maybe none of them swap btw. We don't know about Isabella too.

    Thorek in Lustria ? I prefer him in southlands honestly it make more sence (world edge mountains/Karaz Ankor) and we have no dwarfs in the south.
    Im not a huge fans of Dwarves in Lustria even if it's more ''diversified'' I think we have enough factions there to not add them.

    Bordelaux in Lustria ? Well... The idea is not necessary BAD but honestly I doubt. The settlement (colony) of Bretonnia in Lustria was not on ME and not in datamined btw. And if we count skeggi dlc and southern realms I prefer them there than Bretonnia.

    Grombrindal in Naggaroth ? Honestly could make sence but im not sure im fan of that choice. Dubitative. But I can't say ''no''.

    Wait you put Valkia (or the Khorne dlc) in empire ? Nah put them in north Naggarond, Valkia need to be there !

    Skarsnik in Ekrud ? Meh... Im not against the choice of Wurrzag in southlands but not fan of Skarsnik that close of K8P.

    I think Skrag need to move more than Skarsnik, we just have 2 playable ogre lords and I think you can have better place for him. Maybe he is on the new empire territory near Hochland btw, it look like a mountain.

    I think Imrik need to be more to the coast or in the bone plain like in ME.

    I think even if lorewise it make sence to move Rictus to darklands I prefer him in Naggaroth. For this time I think diversity should be priority.

    I hope Khazrak will move from Estalia IMO. Yes im thinking about the Southern realms/DOW DLC a bit too much maybe.

    Otherwise im fine with the others !

  • MikobotMikobot Registered Users Posts: 500
    imo Imrik will stay where he was in ME. Your position for him makes more sense for a Cathay LL. Additionally his old starting pos is a spot no other LL (in the future) will ever take.
  • Slayer_Yannir#8069Slayer_Yannir#8069 Registered Users Posts: 2,618
    I like the positiveness of putting Toddy and Red Duke on the map but they won't be playable at launch, unfortunately.

    And I don't think Wurzzag will start THAT south. Galbaraz maybe but no more than that.

    Also, Grom and Eltharion should be in roughly opposing starts so if El is in the Badlands, Grom should be there as well. If Grom is in Massif Orcal, Eltharion should start in Yvresse.
    Formerly known as Yannir. Oaths have been taken.
  • DarthEnderX-#6513DarthEnderX-#6513 Registered Users Posts: 4,709
    You sure are giving the CDs a wide berth...
    "Assassination's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it."
  • John_KimbleJohn_Kimble Registered Users Posts: 1,532
    A lot of what you did is what i had in mind, so i agree for a very large part.
    I do disagree on some stuff though:
    - Grombrindal: honestly, i dont like this idea. Yes he has a rivalry but him being so close is really anticlimatic. You basically would whipe Malekith out in your very early game, when he still has basic units and Naggarond is still like lvl 3. By turn 30ish he's done for. I think Malekith is supposed to be your end-game climatic goal, not your very first early game enemy. I'd like Grombrindal to start in one of the lost Holds in the Darklands or Mountains of Mourne.

    - I prefer Thorek to stay where he is in Karak Zorn. That start really looks to be a TON of fun. Fill the Spine of Sotek with AI Skaven factions IMO.

    -Wulfrik in Skeggi could be interesting, not sure its my choice though. He was datamined in the "Ulthuan Scenario" though, and the Isthmus isn't part of that.

    -Grimgor, i'd love to see moved to the Darklands somewhere. To hell with Black Crag, thats Gorfangs turf.
    - Skarsnik i'd just put in K8P once and for all. Have him be THE Badlands GS presence. Tweak his bonuses accordingly. The K8P race just doesn't work anyways.

    - Mannfred should go south, in search of dark artifacts, in direct collision with TK's and now Volkmar. Vlad+Isabella should start in Drakenhof, as the rightful rulers of Sylvania. Ghorst, whatevs. He could go east somewhere.

    - Imrik in the Eastern Colonies

    - Malus in either North or Chaos Waste for sure. He needs to start in the thick of daemon-corrupted territory. Have him still own Hag Graef.

    Pretty much agree with all the rest. Finally someone who "gets" Wurrzag. I really hope he gets moved there. He's a Savage Orc from the Southland jungles. He went on a spiritual journey across the jungles, the land of the dead and finally the Badlands to find the chosen of Mork (or GOrk). Let me start with him in his original homeland. His start in Ekrund is absolutely generic and boring, and doesn't add anything special to a GS campaign.
    Savage orcs in the jungles vs LM, skaven, TKs, Empire, Tzeentch? Yes please.
  • Theo91#7431Theo91#7431 Registered Users Posts: 2,953
    Speculation is fun but it's unlikely to be very accurate at all. This map is already wrong (Wulfric is in Norsca) and it's barely and hour old
  • ChristianSparta#2551ChristianSparta#2551 Registered Users Posts: 251
    My English is bad, forgive me if I say something strange.

    @Nazjax @Juan_Kimble

    Mannfred I think he's not going to move.

    Vlad is there because I think it's a good start to start destroying the Empire, Isabella goes with him.

    Thorek in Lustria isn't bad, he doesn't make sense, yeah, but CA will probably put him there.

    It is true about Wulfrik, here I was wrong.

    Grimgor thinks that he is not going to move.

    Alberic is true that he takes a place from DoW, I didn't think about that, well, who knows if they would put it there.

    Grombrindal personally, I would like more in Kraka-Drak, but Karak-Kadrin is already close.

    Maybe it's not Valkia, but who knows, I put it to put something.

    Skarsnik didn't know where to put it, I admit it, just like Skrag xDDD.

    Imrik is fine where he is to maintain his difficulty of not having ports soon and is close to his love.

    I've thought about it, but despite that, I think Clan Rictus will move because Clan Eshin left.

    The issue with Khazrak is complicated, they should never have put him in Estalia, bad decisions in Warhammer 1.

    Malus I think he will be just like Vortex.
  • John_KimbleJohn_Kimble Registered Users Posts: 1,532

    My English is bad, forgive me if I say something strange.

    @Nazjax @Juan_Kimble

    Juan_Kimble is my spanish alter-ego. I like it!
  • ChristianSparta#2551ChristianSparta#2551 Registered Users Posts: 251

    My English is bad, forgive me if I say something strange.

    @Nazjax @Juan_Kimble

    Juan_Kimble is my spanish alter-ego. I like it!
    Ups xDDD.
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