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All remaining notable LL that could be added in WH3



  • gholingholin Member Registered Users Posts: 1,389
    edited July 25
    You missed some important ones, but also a lot of big names from minor factions. Puzzled you put dogs of war but didn’t put Mydas the Mean in there.

    Also might as well add Golden Magus and abdul alhazred for Araby, if we’re counting everyone that we think should be there.

    People have already mentioned Valten and others I’d add for other factions.
  • TancredIIQuenelles#3970TancredIIQuenelles#3970 Registered Users Posts: 1,329
    this lists ignores some characters while adds others and has no certain criteria why and who is important. But the more we get the better.

  • MODIDDLY1#9212MODIDDLY1#9212 Registered Users Posts: 1,267
    Beastmen- Ungrol Fourhorns
    Brettonia- Bertand the Brigand
    Khorne- Egil Stylbjorn
    Norsca- Hildr the Reaver
    Wood Elves- Naith the Prophetess
  • xDEMOSxxDEMOSx Registered Users Posts: 1,345
    Well , I will comment only on the factions that I like the most, but without making a distinction between hero or lord.

    Let's first name all the options:
    -Tetto'eko and Chalax.

    Both are relevant enough to have unique models on the table, which is saying a lot, I'd like to see Chalax as an LH.

    -Thaquol and Skreech Verminking.

    Thaquol is confirmed, Skeech would be a good LH option to accompany the Verminlords that will come along in the DLC, and if Thaquol is free in a White Dwarf promotion, Skreech could take over, both are relevant.

    Dark Elves:
    -Tullaris Dreadbringer, Shadowblade and Kouran Darkhand.

    All would be good as Hero in a final DE LP, all are equally relevant in the faction's lore, but I think Shadowblade is chosen for gameplay reasons.

    -Gorthor, Slugtongue, Moonclaw, Ghorros and Ungrol Four-Horn.

    Gorthor is the equivalent of Lord from the last army book, in addition to being the most relevant character of the Beastmen, but he shouldn't come because he doesn't fit the chronology, he's been dead for centuries.
    So some B-class character would have to occupy this position, and the 3 options that remain are similar in relevance, they are all just an image, and only one, with complementary rules, Moonclaw and Ghorros are the most requested by the community, a one of them should gain LL status and the other should be the accompanying LH.

    -U'Zhul, Arbaal, Scyla, Karanak, Skarr, Egil Styrbjorn, Haargroth, Ka'Bandha, in addition to Valkia, which is already confirmed.

    U'Zhul's coming is inevitable, Karanak and Scyla should be LH but who knows what's on CA's mind, Arbaal is relevant enough to be mentioned in the game, Skarr is 8ed/End of Times and has an official model, Egil it's Rakarth level characters of relevance they are bottom of the barrel, Haargroth had a lot of relevance in the old editions but today it's probably outdated or irrelevant, Ka'Bandha exists in fantasy and now has a model but it's not nearly relevant in fantasy.

    -Epidemius, Tamurkhan, Gutrot , Glotkin, Valnir, Feytor , Kayzk , and the 3 brothers for Nurgle, besides Festus that is already confirmed.
    Epidemius, Tamurkhan, Glottkin and Gutrot are inevitable, I find it very difficult for one of them to end up not happening, they are all relevant enough.
    Valnir is similar to Arbaal and Aekold, so we can assume that if one of them has a chance, they all do.
    Kayzk would give Tamurkhan a great LH, just as the 3 brothers would give Glottkin great LH's.
    Feytor is old keg bottom and very boring, I hope we see anyone in his place.

  • yolordmcswag#6132yolordmcswag#6132 Registered Users Posts: 4,259

    If you're gonna say all remaining notable ones... you missed alot of notable ones..

    For example?

    I think the list is quite realistic for characters that or not too obscure.
    Ahh yes, "Cathayan Vampirate", the most central and important character in WHFB. While you are missing probably a dozen or more armybook characters.
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