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Siege Battles x Units & Walls

Ok so I don't know hat it is, if this is a faction thing, or my units are just weak AF, but this doesn't make any sense. I'm playing as the Oracles of Tzeentch going against The Northern Providences, and I'm defending the gate. During the battle I have units on the wall ( a lot of units, I've replayed this battle many times to see if I'm missing something), and I mean I've even double stacked the wall with units so tightly to where there is no open space. But somehow, someway by the gods against chaos I swear somehow the other army just walks right past my units on the wall and crosses it like it was nothing. Sometimes there is slight scuffle, then I'll move my camera to manage another instance of the fight and suddenly they are going down the inside of my wall into the city ._.

I don't know how tf they just slip by army but it is extremely annoying. Another thing to is if I have units on the wall clearly set to defend the wall, why do I have to micromanage them to make them attack units in range or that are using ladders right in their face.... like it should be automatic that if an enemy comes on the wall within their range of defense especially the section they are set to defend that they automatically engage. (which also leads to the enemy literally walking past my army to the other side)

Like can we get that fixed or am I just stupid? Cause I've replayed this battle many times, and I've never seen some tihs like this before. It's illogical


  • micjamrozik#7715micjamrozik#7715 Registered Users Posts: 28
    I am watching LegendofTotalWar stream, just a couple of minutes ago he just trivialized the whole siege rework. I am talking about his "Settra Total War part 4" about 40 minutes in the stream. He won a siege battle with nly Settra and one hero in 5min or so. Battle with two armies of drwalves won by onlly capping victory points.

    IT'S A JOKE, how and why AI can't handle this new mechanic.

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