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Lower Lizard Wall construction times 5-6 turns on green territory and don't grant any supplies

Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 126
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So turns out lizardmen currently take 5/6 turns respectively to construct garrison buildings. This is absurd. That's 11 turns to fortify a single minor settlement with walls. This is probably not intentional.

Furthermore Lizard garrison buildings don't give any extra defensive supplies. The only thing some get is minor city garrison buildings give 50-100 supplies per turn under siege. That's... a little silly low.
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  • NyraxxNyraxx Registered Users Posts: 17
    It isn't just Lizardmen Settlements. Almost every faction's settlements are like that right now, from Daemons of Chaos to Warhammer 1 factions.
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