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Modernize patch structure for low speed internet customers

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Overview: Advocating for a change so that the patch cycle is separated into a 90% 1-2 weeks ahead of time patch that is missing key components to allow early downloading over time and then the last 10% on day of release

Additional information: My apologies but there's no feedback section for "policy decisions or customer service." Its going to take a minimum of 15 hours for me to download this patch, probably more like 20 if nobody else uses the internet the entire time. And thats only if it doesnt rain or other outages happen. Thats with us recently doubling our speed by getting a bonded dsl line. We are outside the range of cable or fiber optic. I know its a very first world problem but the solution is also not that difficult.
Put all the data that you've already released by that time anyway onto an early download version that can be slowly taken over time by people like me, and then the day of have the key pieces added in(like the actual button to select immortal empires, if you're worried about it being accessed too early.) A 2 hour download is much better than a 20+ one. It feels fair to ask this of you as a customer who has waited patiently, done their best to give you informed, carefully considered feedback and continually purchased hundreds of dollars in DLC. I do not expect preferential treatment to benefit only myself but speaking on behalf of a portion of your community in this situation, a little bit of extra consideration for people like us does feel warranted.

Thank you for your time.
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    The patch download is 20GB, it's the act of patching that takes the longest for me. It needs to overwrite or "patch" 103GB of files, which takes a long time even on an SSD. Now with a 20GB patch the size of IE, that's somewhat acceptable, but when you have to do it for hotfixes it can get REALLY annoying. Sometimes 2+ hours (on an SSD) to patch for 100MB patch is a tad silly.

    I also think they need to allow for preload on major patches and updates such as IE, it's unfair for those without decent internet speeds. Although I can see this being fairly tricky due to files being loaded into your game your not supposed to see, could be a recipe for disaster unless they somehow encrypt them and then decrypt them when the update releases.

    They do really need to sort the patching issue out though, it's been around for ages with Total War games, although it wasn't much of an issue when the games were 30GB or so, Warhammer 3 is by far the biggest at 100+ GB and it really shows now.
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    Art I agree with you, and the solution to the decryption thing, in my opinion, is to limit it to data that we already know. I.e. we could have gotten all the game one and two factions downloaded early with all their renders and databases. If anyone takes the time to crack it, what do they find? Things they already own, and already knew they were coming to the game. A good way in my mind at least to prevent the abuse of it would be to stop the actual game overworld map from being downloaded in full in the early patch, so that loading it crashed the game through render errors. That's hypothetical though and maybe outdated thinking.

    The numbers are adjustable as anything ahead of time is preferable. As for your solution I dont know enough to suggest how to fix that, I dont know if better optimization or an earlier download would help that or not? If it could install the first part you downloaded and just sit incomplete that would be really cool, but I'm not capable of giving that recommendation at this time.

    Thank you for your response and your support.
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