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Self-Hating Faction? (Wardens of the Living Pools)

Just started playing a Gor-Rok camp. and noticed (not a big deal imo) that the Wardens of the Living Pools (Lizardmen Faction) have deteriorating relations with me solely do to.... Historical relations with Wardens of the Living Pools? Like i said not a big deal, just means their chance of survival is going down each turn as the negative relation also seems to be equal to the turn at the moment.

1,500+ hours into TW:WH2 i know i have at least that into this one lol love the game thanks for all the hardwork keep it up. :)


  • dr0xdr0x Registered Users Posts: 3
    I believe this is intentional -- AFAIK "historical relations" penalty is assigned at the start of the game to deter quick/easy confederations. I notice that some of the HE races on Ulthuan have the same relations penalty at the start of a game which makes confederation take longer (can't just dump confederate without dumping influence.

    In other words, at the start of the campaign we assume that Itza and Wardens had something negative happen in the past and are still recovering relations.
  • fiedler8fiedler8 Registered Users Posts: 3
    What your saying makes since as to why it starts like that, even though I think on very hard its difficult enough to confederate as it is and in this case a faction who sits and defends one province(honestly confederating them would be more harm then good, better to wipe them and no confed effects), but I just think how it reads should be deferent i guess if that is the case. In my opinion right now it reads as they're mad at you simply for having relations with them in the past not in a negative way but more like how it would be if I made a none aggression pact with skaven, Tiktaq'to would have a negative relations for my dealings with skaven. I think it would make more since if it were to read more like "Ancient rivals", "Bad Blood", or "Past grievances". as for recovering idk about that still a -8 modifier 50 turns later even after i finally got a NAP and TA lol

    like i said before really not a big deal at all, i love the games, just thought it'd be fun to chime in with my 2 cents on the beta. it'd be a dream job to actually work on a project like this haha
  • fiedler8fiedler8 Registered Users Posts: 3
    something does seem a little screwy with cult of soteks relations w/gor rok i try to make a def. allience its at -7, then i try to join their war against someone with the def. allience and its goes down to -9.2

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