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The "a Brutal Business" event needs to be adjusted.

cersbsb#2301cersbsb#2301 Registered Users Posts: 95
The "a Brutal Business" event should either be changed or have it's frequency reduced significantly. +20 base Weapon Strength for all units in all factions is insane and it lasts a long time and comes up way too often (from my experience). It completely **** with the faction balance.


  • zinthirzinthir Registered Users Posts: 41
    edited August 28
    Really agree, a flat global weapon strength buff is just wonky. That +20 ws will double the damage of something like clanrats or deckhands and have a much less noticeable effect on units with lower entity counts like ogre bulls, nevermind single entities. The event should just be +20% weapon strength so it helps out all melee units and stops armies of melee chaff from turning into lawnmowers
  • KayosivKayosiv Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,849
    Totally agree.
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  • DrDDev1l#3957DrDDev1l#3957 Registered Users Posts: 7
    I also don't know why, but it seems that sometimes it just doesn't go away. The event is gone for me and some factions for the last 5 turns, but some bretonians and vampires still have it! I see 39 damage zombies shredding deamonettes like butter.
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