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Shogun 2 update problems

Totalwar91Totalwar91 Junior MemberPosts: 3Registered Users
so I have just done the latest updates and when I turn on the new version going into the campaign selection and the bodies of the clan general you can select has like disappeared except like the horn parts of the helmet or the bow/weapon they hold and when I go into the campaign the screen has a rainbow attack on screen around a central point but the weird thing is I found a fix buy selecting a different resolution then letting it go back to the old resolution and everything runs fine. the only problem is when I stop playing the game it reset itself the next time I want to play. does anybody know why it is happening in the first place or is it just a corrupt download? thank you. p.s don't want to go to complicated just want some opinions on whats going wrong because as I said above I kind of have a fix I just have to renew evertime I play the game.
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