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Severe Battle AI issue - AI switches target too often making units not fight back

sonojohnb#7797sonojohnb#7797 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 19
Tested on TW:WH3 in custom battle, patch 2.0 (Update: still the same on 2.2).
A replay with examples is attached, important timestamps are listed at the end of the post.

Video illustrating the issue and comparing it with Warhammer 2: https://youtu.be/2berqXEhzw8

It seems like whenever an AI controlled unit comes into contact with an enemy unit that is considered higher threat than the currently engaged target, the AI almost instantly changes the attack target to the higher threat unit. For some reason a unit of the same type that the AI is already fighting, attacking on the right flank (and only the right flank as far as I can tell), seems to be considered higher threat as well. It is often enough that a few models touch the AI unit to trigger the target change.

The target change makes the AI unit focus 100% on the new attack target and the individual soldiers will not fight back against the previous target unit, or any other unit for about 25 seconds. After that much time has passed the unit seemingly "unlocks" and the soldiers are allowed to fight back against other units than the targeted unit.

It looks like the same ~25 seconds of single unit 100% focus is true for player controlled units that just received a new target as well so that part is probably not AI related, but in combination with the AI's targeting behavior it causes some pretty serious issues in my opinion.

An example of this is that when an enemy unit is charged from behind with a high threat cavalry unit, the AI unit will switch attack target to the cavalry unit and then begin chase after it when it is withdrawn. This causes the AI battle line to pretty much fall apart instantly.

Replay timestamps that demonstrate these issues:
01:30: Several of the dwarf units just barely touch a grave guard unit on its right flank and instantly switch target, causing the soldiers to ignore the unit right in front of them until about 01:50 when they start fighting back again.

02:25: Two dwarf units leave the line and chase after the Blood knights after a very short charge cycle

03:30: Another two dwarf units chase after the Blood knights
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  • sonojohnb#7797sonojohnb#7797 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 19
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    I have made some further tests comparing the battle AI/unit behavior between WH2 and WH3. I have created a short video illustrating the differences between the two games.

    Link to video: https://youtu.be/2berqXEhzw8

    The big difference I found was that the battle AI in WH3 will much more often switch target when coming into contact with a new unit. It can be enough that a few soldiers of an enemy unit comes in direct contact on the right flank, or for a lord to attack the unit, for this to happen.

    The effect is that the AI controlled units will spend long periods of time basically ignoring all but the most recently focused unit and take a lot of damage from all other units without dealing any back.
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  • WinterlyWinterly UkraineRegistered Users Posts: 10
    I'm able to replicate this in custom battles with AI. Holy crap the effect of this is huge.
  • sonojohnb#7797sonojohnb#7797 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 19
    This is still happening in 2.1.0.

    I would really like to see this be addressed as the AI is currently severely underperforming in battle compared to how it did in TW:WH2.
  • sonojohnb#7797sonojohnb#7797 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 19
    The issue is still present in 2.2.
  • sonojohnb#7797sonojohnb#7797 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 19
    Still an issue in 2.3.

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