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In game Audio Feedback - Ready up Timers and Domination Battle Conclusion

Currently the only indication that your army is about to be locked and the game begin is the small timer and the tick next to the opponents name; perhaps it's just me being a blind fool but this leads to games starting before being prepared (i.e. my army isn't built and funds are wasted) because I was unaware that the opponent had already readied up. Some sound effects to notify that I've only got 30/20/10 seconds left (or even just some audible ticking) would in my opinion go a long way in preventing unfair matches due to wasted funds or panick leaving before the match begins.

Additionally this would be a great addition to the domination game mode because currently games just abruptly end in the most anticlimactic fashion. It's a bigger ask but music or other sound affects that play when a player is nearing the 5000 capture points mark would be a fantastic addition.

Thanks for reading


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