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Excessive Multiplayer Lag With High FPS and Good Internet

Trex_With_Grabbers#5824Trex_With_Grabbers#5824 Registered Users Posts: 2
I’ve been experiencing a very weird occurrence where I can play other multiplayer games with no lag, including hosting a peer to peer factorio server, but I cannot play multiplayer due to 1 in game second take 30 real life seconds to pass. Previously where I am living, I was able to play a head to head campaign with zero issues on warhammer 3. I have tried quick battles, and custom battles against other people in the US, and the problem persists. Also, I am using Ethernet and not WiFi.

Things I have tried so far are: updating my drivers, reinstalling the game, disabling firewall, changing my NAT type to open, and trying to play a battle in warhammer 2. The warhammer 2 battle experienced the same issue that warhammer 3 is, but no other multiplayer game I own shares this issue. I am certain it’s not a connection issue as I am able to stream YouTube in game and be on discord at the same time (I did this to check my connection, the issue persists even with these things closed).

I do live in an apartment building, but I was previously able to play here with no issue. Any help or troubleshooting ideas would be appreciated.
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