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SICO - the culmination of the weird & bad ideas in a single mod - is now available.

Rewan#2358Rewan#2358 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4,861
I'm bad at modding,Frankly speaking I like tinkering but have no patience nor talent to back my ideas up. I still try nonetheless. It's a good hobby to have afaic.

I did an overhaul in Attila but never released anything and now I tried in 3K and decided that in order to make the discussions about campaign & batlte balance move foward I should release this. I'm absolutely not going to claim this is AMAZING or a REVOLUTION by any means (heck my goal was to try and stick to the OG gamedesign) but I think it's still relatively interesting to play with - at least I hope some of the ideas I've had could inspire other more talented modders with actual skill to back it up.

So yeah, this is sloppily done and I'm not reinventing the wheel but I do hope at least someone will enjoy playing with it. And I'll extend my thanks to @Bright_Eyes for giving me his time to discuss things, be it agreements or disagreements with what was done. Thanks bud.

Praise 3K. You're still the best game of the franchise and I know the modders will keep you alive for now. Kudos to them.

Link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2558605632

My personal collection of hazardous tests and quickfixes (yes this is a link).
Wondering why you get some traits on your characters this may give you a vague idea

Balance enthusiast, I like tinkering and messing with stuff and values. Cool heads prevails !


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