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Gor Rok Mace bug Immortal empires

CiaránFrench#9124CiaránFrench#9124 Registered Users Posts: 3
Hey there, there is a bug with Gor Rok I believe, doesn't matter how many Skaven settlements I sack, the counter for his Mace quest doesn't complete or even show any progress beyond zero.


  • Stahn#1355Stahn#1355 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Having the same issue. You can sack or raze and it doesn't count basically leaving this LL without his weapon. Needs a fix. Sad, he was the first mortal empires I tried when I first bought TW2 and I was hoping to try him again in TW3, but with his quests being broken right off the bat I think I'll wait on him.
  • CiaránFrench#9124CiaránFrench#9124 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Yeah its quite annoying, found posts on the subreddit going back to nearly 3 weeks on this topic, still no fix.
  • phermitgb#4197phermitgb#4197 Registered Users Posts: 1
    ditto here - also having another questing issue with tyrion's heart of avalorn, and apparently there's a prevailing bug with Kislev not updating quest objectives. Seems like whatever system they're using for tracking quest objectives is failing, possibly on multiple levels.
  • CiaránFrench#9124CiaránFrench#9124 Registered Users Posts: 3
    As of the latest patch its working, you can now get Gor Rok's mace :smile: , now I can finally play him.

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