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historical realism mod progress report

johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 257
edited July 2019 in Community Mods
work in progress all criticism welcome. the goal is to remove all anachronism while keeping unique/personal affects, and replacing with realistic/historical items where possible.

liu bei:


Lu bu:


Gungsun zan and ji militia:


Jade dragons:


heavy tiger and leopard cav:


heavy spear guard and heavy ji infantry


guan yu


ma chao


ma teng


raider cavalry


sabre cavalry


sun ren's bodyguards


xiahou dun


xu huang


yellow dragons


yuan shao


yuen yi


zhang kai


zhang liao


zhao yun

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  • johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 257
    zero suggestions? i must be doing good. i will continue on this path. thank you
  • johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 257
    op edited with new previews
  • TeargrantsTeargrants Registered Users Posts: 37
    Really like the look for the yellow dragons.

    Not gona lie, you’d prolly get a lot more traction if you posted this on reddit.

    Pretty much nobody looks in the mod section here.
  • johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 257
    i agree about the yellow dragons. the helmet fits them perfectly
  • Gloire_bbGloire_bb Registered Users Posts: 17
    Swords and spears don't match the era. Late Han Jian is far longer and thinner, yours look almost like bronze ones from Warring states. Ji shall have socket sword spearheads (and quite long ones), definitely not leaf spearheads.
    There are more, but as far as I understand, idea is to avoid touching balance.

    Round shields(sword cavalry) don't really match proper Chinese (Han) equipment. Southern natives or nomadic tribals - maybe.

    Personal taste, but many warlords and generals are far too...poor. Both body coverage and decorations are far below what can be expected from very wealthy people.
  • johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 257
    they didn't include the correct swords in the game, i am using base weapons. i still need to change the weapons for the elite units using guan dao, huge maces and other fantasy stuff. that's going to need a separate mod almost. i'm only showing unit changes

    as for decoration, once again, limited by game. aside from fantasy song dynasty plaque and cord armor models, there's no a lot of individual decoration models in the game.

    if it were up to me, i'd have the generals decked out in the most advanced armors of the time, sadly alot of those items are simply not in the game, like bucket sleeves,once piece torso armor with basin collars attached right onto it and other things of that nature. also, some of the collars only come in small sizes, so i would have to use the skinny model to create generals with that type of collar. very odd, because all the other collar types come in small and large sizes.
  • JasonResnovJasonResnov Registered Users Posts: 1
    Is this mod still be worked on?
  • johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 257
    edited September 3
    no, sorry, i lost all the data, and deleted the game, mod tools, etc already. has no one else attempted something similar? sad

    other than a total war sagas: medieval, crusades, war of the roses, or something of that nature, i don't foresee myself coming back to total war.

    i've been on hiatus since 2020 basically. has total war received further entries or is troy the last one? this focus on historical myth is cool and all, but at least get the armors and aesthetics right, it feels like i'm in a conan rpg or a wuxia film when i played these new total war titles back in 2019 and 2020. they need to go back to what worked. and don't get me started on warhammer. total shark jump moment

    this fast money grab appeal to the masses while alienating the core audience strategy isn't sustainable. i suspect that's why they stopped development, no more cash rolling in. the consumer wants something better, deeper, more meaningful than the latest fantasy design by committee depictions of history/mythology. hopefully that's what they're working on, i hope. and not some mainstream dime a dozen copy and paste pedestrian aesthetics game that sega wants them to work on
  • LuisAlaguna#9179LuisAlaguna#9179 Registered Users Posts: 35
    It never was published i think
  • LuisAlaguna#9179LuisAlaguna#9179 Registered Users Posts: 35
    Oh dam draft.
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