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  • Schepel#1217Schepel#1217 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,586
    He is on a crusade, it isn't 'banter' with some greenskins. Since players would practically drop Tor Yvresse anyway, I suppose CA has put an invent in place to facilitate it. From a pragmatic perspective I certainly understand it. I haven't much to say from a lore point of view, other than that lore is flexible. It isn't set in stone. It is a way to - loosely! - tell a story to somewhat justify what is going on, so I would strongly suggest not to take the lore, such as it is, as dogma.
  • brainbukbrainbuk Registered Users Posts: 57
    He is looking for his nemesis grom, and went to the badlands because he held his map upside down.
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