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If you were part of an order faction irl, which faction would you least want to face in battle?

Pede#6322Pede#6322 Registered Users Posts: 1,937
And why?

Bonus question: which order faction would you be part of?

If you were part of an order faction irl, which faction would you least want to face in battle? 53 votes

NightOfTheDeadDragonbroodlings 2 votes
Vampire coast/counts
ProBro45#7766Dr_Moldtaalisman01Fingolfin_the-Golden#2157 4 votes
Dark Elves
Seswatha#7633NemoTheElf101#1472NeoYasemil_fh#4005Bloodydagger#9716yolordmcswag#6132Cosmic_Lich#1188GeorgeTruman#8059Belisaar#5880insubre#8849 10 votes
Ironhelm#8763 1 vote
ArbitraryDwarf#5835MirdautasVras#9413bufo#1763 3 votes
talonn#7575Maedrethnir#1968Jo_Proulx#5293Pede#6322lcmiracle#6727Eltarion#4163HelhoundDraxynnicMkeefe78#4317Saitoh#8503fenlagonScottishclaymoreNoiseFiend#7925The_real_FAUST#6885mightygloin#2446manpersal#3961ERICdbsCaptain_Rex#1635Heretical_Cactus#7598Dar0ganwr#5499 24 votes
Bayes#3307Veldrinar#2882Surge_2#1464Witch_KingWyvax#7456saweendra#3399JoeBoySnakes#7716#70141MagicMarker#9590 9 votes


  • Pede#6322Pede#6322 Registered Users Posts: 1,937
    As a simple Empire swordsmen, i believe i would absolutely tremble at the thought of fighting plagued monstrosities, zombie daemons and possibly succumbing to painful biological warfare before the fight even began.

  • Vanilla_Gorilla#8529Vanilla_Gorilla#8529 Registered Users Posts: 39,161
    Doesn't matter. The Beast cares not who the next victim is.
    "It's no fun fighting people weaker than you." - The Beast"There are only two people better than me, and I'm both of them" - Vanilla Gorilla Forum Terms & Conditions I am The Beast, Descendant of Guanyin, The one who beasts 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, The Vanilla Gorilla, The great bright delight, Conqueror of Mountains, Purveyor of wisdom, Official forum historian, Master Tamer of energy, the one they fear to name, Beastradamus, The Teacher, Master Unbiased Pollster, The Avatar of Tuesday, Chief hype Train Conductor, Uwu Usurper, Pog Wog Warrior, Poggers Patroller, Alpha of the species, Apex protector, Praetor of Positivity, Drybrush Disciple, Sophisticated Savage.
  • talonn#7575talonn#7575 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,868
    I have sensitive nose
  • Walkabout#1505Walkabout#1505 Member Registered Users Posts: 2,980
    Hmm I guess if I was a Tilean pikeman I would probably hate fighting Slaanesh as those slippery suckers would slip between the pikes. Plus I have low impulse control and easily distracted by even partial nudity.
    Live your life and try to do no harm.

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Evelyn Beatrice Hall
  • mightygloin#2446mightygloin#2446 Karaz-a-KarakRegistered Users Posts: 6,123
    Being sick sucks. Unless i am a dawi with majestic beard though, in such a case i'd say Tzeentch due to his irksome background plays.
  • Cosmic_Lich#1188Cosmic_Lich#1188 Registered Users Posts: 649
    Dark Elves
    Nurgle can bring a terrible sickness, sure. But Dark Elves will actively, and creatively, torture you until you become a broken minded slave.
  • DraxynnicDraxynnic Registered Users Posts: 11,396
    Gonna go with Nurgle, primarily for the "even if you win there's a good chance you've caught something nasty and will die anyway, possibly after infecting your friends and loved ones" aspect. Dark Elves and Slaanesh are bad to lose to, but if you win the battle, you probably have about as much chance of surviving than against anyone else.

    Second place would go to Skaven, partially because the also use diseases (although they have a tendency to brew diseases that are too deadly), partially because of the likelihood of exposure to warpstone, and partially because the skaven place a really strong emphasis on using sabotage, poisoning, assassination, and similar tactics to wear down their opponent, so you can pretty much never lay down your guard.
  • Bloodydagger#9716Bloodydagger#9716 Registered Users Posts: 4,726
    edited September 25
    Dark Elves
    Definitely Dark Elves. They are the purest form of evil in the game IMO. They'd do unspeakable stuff to you.

    Being captured by them would be like being captured by ISIS or a Mexico Drug Cartel.
  • Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 17,221
    Smell. Imagine the smell of thousands of Nurglites.
  • Rahvinn#5465Rahvinn#5465 Registered Users Posts: 27
    Even if you win the battle against Nurgle you most likely end up dieing horribly anyway from from whatever contagious viral disease they were carrying.
  • Veldrinar#2882Veldrinar#2882 Registered Users Posts: 654
    Tossup 'tween them and the dark elves. Either way, death won't be the most likely end for you. They'll keep you alive. Toy with you. Defile you.

    The others at least hold the promise of death, gruesome though it may be.
  • HelhoundHelhound Registered Users Posts: 5,346
    edited September 25
    If I'm at risk of capture post battle, then getting caught by the Dark Elves would be hell.

    In the moment to moment, Nurgle is far worse. Even if you win the fight against Nurgle, all it takes is one stray scratch for you to lose the war. Dysentery, disease, depravation. Failure to wash your hands or just breathe in the wrong area of the battlefield will consign you to a fate worse than dying on the field.
  • Seswatha#7633Seswatha#7633 Registered Users Posts: 4,822
    edited September 25
    Dark Elves
    DE and Slaanesh, others will kill you, these two will make you wish you died if they capture you.

    Special mention goes to clan Moulder which can mutate you into a biological chair.

  • ScottishclaymoreScottishclaymore Registered Users Posts: 287
    edited September 25
    Nurgle because even if you win, your still diseased all to hell most likely and his diseases are never quick. So long as you fight to the death then the others aren't as bad. If you get captured then Slaanesh is up there with the Dark Elves but if you never give up chances are they are going to have to kill you.

    Order Faction I would choose - Wood Elves. Hit and run so hopefully fewer causualities and usually have the home advantage of Forest/Woods to help. Generally they are pretty good against all the dark powers and have some pretty good magic. Im an archer myself so just makes sense!
  • fenlagonfenlagon Registered Users Posts: 29
    Everything is slow with Nurgle. Would prefer a quick death.
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