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Updating old factions

edman#5488edman#5488 Registered Users Posts: 1
Here are some suggestions to give a small makeover to the old or outdated factions.
Scaven- the unique traits for lords and heroes like sharp teeth. frankly these should either be removed or buffed. im not sure on the purpose of them but they are effectively nerfs of existing traits. except for the sneaky one. that is great and should stay. but if the purpose of these lesser traits was to be that...lesser, at least make it obvious. like the high elves traits when you dont have enough of their resource.
Some of the older LL's talents are extremely bland or just bad. Skrolk for example, i'd like to see more talents to improve the plague units, and not just by making them a bit cheaper (buffing plague monks) or the other lords that improve some of the melee. For scaven melee units have always been low on the totem pole and i'd really like to see the lords that give some bonuses on those melee make them into a viable option (eshin triads, plaugemonks, gutter runner or whatever anti-infantry melee unit). Another is the beastman that starts near Khorne, cant remember his name, but he has a talent that says it increases missile damage. not army missile damage. just missile damage. meaning it only applies to him, but he has ZERO ranged attacks. its a dead talent.

Personally i really enjoy lords that buff specific units. not as much when its bottom tier'd units like arenessa, but if they are worthwhile then its not so bad.
Staying on the topic of vampire coast. the legendary lords are not able to move while in ambush stance while the new lords can. Seems this wasn't ported correctly. Going back to arenessa i think its fine that she really buffs the sartosan militia but i think she has like 4-5 talents that buff individual stats, and not even the ranged aspects for the ranged unit. but with so many other important and desirable talents to pick and with all of those talents being needed to make them barely-equal to a mid-tier unit, i'd like to see some condensing of those talents. with addition to improving the ranged unit making it less of a tax to choose those talents and using a bottom tier unit a bit more worth it. As for the Artillery, for the race as a whole its pretty weak. because the reload is so slow they are pretty bad. i'd like to see a reload reduction added to the red line.
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  • brainbukbrainbuk Registered Users Posts: 57
    edited September 25
    I don't think coast needs a buff, they feel a lot worse because of the games current state because gunpowder units in general are performing..... oddly - when it comes to obstruction, putting coast into a weird spot.
    Sure the ambush part should be fixed, but overall its just fixes they need.


    This shows what I mean, couldn't really explain it
  • Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 126
    edited September 25
    I'm playing vamp coast rn, and I would agree that they feel a little weak. Specifically their economy is slow. Putting down a pirate cove costs between 2500 and 10000 gold, then building the income building costs another 5000. That's a lot, even if you'll end up getting 500 per turn from the settlement... if you're going for that specific building, that is. For other buildings it can end up being 10000 for one building.
    They usually cannot trade with terribly many factions (despite Peg Street pawnshop giving you an okayish amount of trade goods (weird landmark this one, it's just so... weak, that I often skip it.)
    The minor settlement income chain of slave pens -> meat market is actually okayish. 500 gold for 100 gold income isn't crazy, but it's 5 turns to return investment, upgrade is 15 turns return of investment, still okay.
    The cursed treasure building chain however is the most atrociously bad income chain in the game. The first level is, again, okay. But each upgrade costs more and more money but only ever increases income by 50, meaning that the tier 5 upgrade at 4000 gold cost takes a whopping 80 turns to return investment. And the rite is underwhelming at best as well.
    Furthermore even their post battle-loot doesn't seem to be high, remaining at levels similar to incomebased factions like the empire, rather than orcs etc.
    Their highest income is their raiding income... sadly, raiding usually costs you more in army upkeep than it gains you.
    Another issue is their research rate. They have a follower to boost it, but... +4% is a bit eh
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