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AI won't end turn

FreeMetalFreeMetal Registered Users Posts: 2
I was playing coop with a friend, me as Clan mors and him as Exiles of Khorne.

Nothing wrong whatsoever in 167 turns then suddenly, Couronne did not end the turn.

We tried to reload multiple times but nothing would change, the game ends up softlocked like this.

I saw other people having this on Steam, is it a known bug already ?

Best Regards,


  • FreeMetalFreeMetal Registered Users Posts: 2
    Quick addition, it happened again in another coop campaign turn 180, we were playing Itza and Hexoatl.
  • KroXelloKroXello Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have this same problem, Couronne not end turn in my 2 coop campain immortal empires, first freeze in 180 turn, second
    freeze in 156 turn

    (sorry my English is not good)
  • NimmseHartmannNimmseHartmann Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same problem in my game at turn 142 in coop.... couronne wont end the turn....
  • ReifelReifel Registered Users Posts: 3
    Because of this bug, we couldn't finish 2 campaigns...
  • KofbleadKofblead Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited September 2
    Same in my game, turn 148...
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  • KarlAschnikoffKarlAschnikoff Registered Users Posts: 1
    Yeah same Problem here.

    Two campaign's Stuck.

    One at turn 160 the other at turn 148. Couronne makes his turn but never ends it....
  • KofbleadKofblead Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited September 2
    So it seems that programmed decisions of these 2 factions crash the game at some point in the campaign... making it good for the trash...

    I imagine that the solution while waiting for a return from the devs would be to destroy these 2 factions at the start of the campaign. so that they no longer exist.... (to be tested)
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  • SkordeanSkordean Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited September 6
    Same issue. Buddy and I were playing Immortal Empires as Boris and Katarin. Once we got turn 147 it get's stuck at Courounne. Reloading back the autosave doesn't fix it and going back 2 turns doesn't fix it either. This is not exclusive to the steam edition, my friend is on the Game Pass and I'm on the Steam version.

    Reading a few topics it seems to be any Brettonia faction that tries to summon the Green Knight after the Crisis triggers. Solution at the moment is to rush every Bretonnia faction before the crisis starts and wipe them off the campaign or wait till the September patch.

    EDIT: looks like the September patch didn't mention anything about it. Guess we have to wait until October. On a side note, that buddy and I are doing Beastmen x Khorne and we eliminated all Bretonnia factions by turn 104. Now it's just a waiting game to see if that was the true issue or not, we're at turn 127 now.
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  • KofbleadKofblead Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited September 2
    Complicated to eliminate them quickly depending on the campaign we have, but otherwise yes, good idea.

    I had vassalized Couronne with Azazel, I thought for a time that it was because they had more money but even having fed them 20k the round before, the bug of staying frozen on the AI Couronne turn persists. The move of the green knight is a good track indeed :).

    Let's hope this bug is quickly fixed, it's a shame to have to be forced to stop your campaign every time after more than 150 turns, the immortal empire losing its interest.
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  • Holyana#9003Holyana#9003 Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited September 2
    Ditto here, impossible to pass turn 148 Couronne which crashes.
    If anyone has seen a past post if there is a way to avoid this.
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  • epic_159736573450OCdIDf2epic_159736573450OCdIDf2 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same here soft lock at 167, then I killed one bretonian Faction just to have it 30 turns later happen again with another brentonian faction.....
  • Reaper93Reaper93 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    This has happened to me in multiple coop games and a few singleplayer campaigns. It's always a Bretonnian faction, so that's where I'd start looking for the issue.

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