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[BUG] Battle Map Without Terrain

So as I was playing a game as Festus in Immortal Empires, I made my way up north to Norsca territory to get rid of Azazel's final settlement. When I attacked the settlement (The Forbidden Citadel) I previewed the map which looked surprisingly bare. It had no walls or defenses, and had no elevated positions like hills or even trees. After loading into the map it was far more barren and flat than I could have expected. It seems that no terrain loaded and just a flat land battle with vague grass textures for the ground. The sky box was just dark grey clouds that got lighter shades of grey as they reached the horizon. The vanguard deployment was also unlimited aside from not being able to place my units in the enemy deployment zone. I was however able to deploy behind them, between them and their reinforcements, and get right up against their deployment zone.


  • MasterSayo01#2856MasterSayo01#2856 Registered Users Posts: 1,132
    Perhaps you should try this. :)

    "Verify integrity of game files" in Steam (see picture). ;)
    I read often that this helps with this problem of the graphics, or other problems. :)

    For the Empire Reikland! Long live Emperor Karl Franz!

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