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Who are your favourite LL's in IE so far?

QueenieTheMeanie#3217QueenieTheMeanie#3217 Athel LorenRegistered Users Posts: 35
Who are your top 3 favourite Factions/Legendary Lords in Immortal Empires, based on whatever metric you see fit, not necessarily how powerful they are. My list is:

1) Sisters of Twilight/Heralds of Ariel
2) Crone Hellebron
3) Katarin/The Ice Court

Note: I accidently previously made this post in the 'CA Suggestions' category, so whoops me. :C


  • DatHomieSilverSurfer#4822DatHomieSilverSurfer#4822 Registered Users Posts: 312
    1. Hellebron
    2. Queek (still my favorite start!)
    2. Tretch
    3. Grimgor
    4. Volkmar!
  • Pede#6322Pede#6322 Registered Users Posts: 1,937
    Haven't tried even half of them in IE, but so far my favorite are:

    1 Franz
    2 Vilitch
    3 Settra

  • Captain_Rex#1635Captain_Rex#1635 Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 37,648
    1. Katarin
    2. Oxyotl
    3. Malus

    I also really enjoyed Valkia but WoC are way to overpowered right now.
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  • saj1987#4378saj1987#4378 Registered Users Posts: 375
    Vlad. Katarin. Archaon.
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,089
    So far I have played Franz (455 turns), Grimgor (119 turns), Thorgrim (100 turns), Wulfhart (55 turns) and Vlad (53 turns).

    I'd rank them:

    1. Franz
    2. Grimgor
    3. Thorgrim
    4. Wulfhart
    5. Vlad

    Franz and Grimgor were such new experiences that despite having played loads of Franz before and despite Grimgor not being a firm favourite they both manage to leap frog Thorgrim whose campaign hasn't really changed that much except anything Dwarf feels a bit crappier than it used to.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
  • Farstead______#9847Farstead______#9847 Registered Users Posts: 82
    For me Archaon is always number one.
    After him I had the most fun with Mannfred.

    Third place is probably a tie between Katarin and Franz.

  • hatsrehatsre Registered Users Posts: 194
    All four of the Demon Monogod Legendary lords are incredible. I was a hardcore High Elf / Wood Elf player before TWW3 but now i only basically want to play demons. CA did an awesome job on implementing them. So immersive and so much creativity gone into them. Well done CA.

    So for me:

    1. Tzeentch / Slanesh tied for first spot
    2. Nurgle / Khorne tied for second spot
    3. All the new Warriors of Chaos LLs (not the old ones) tied for third spot
    4. Eltharion
  • BloatedCorpse1234#9240BloatedCorpse1234#9240 Registered Users Posts: 240
    Best so far:

    1. Katarin, super fun campaign. Challenging, but you actually have the tools you need (compared to the KF masochism).
    2. N'kari
    3. Don't know the third one. Thorgrim and Throt were decently fun, but I think there are better campaigns around there which I haven't played.

    Most disappointing ones:
    1. Alarielle. I have to put this there, since the campaign was super fun in WH2. Now you get Ulthuan fast, but there is no potential after that. Just go on a journey and beat weak DE in the ground. No challenge or any meaningful goals.

    3. Imrik. Again. Start is fun, but it gets monotonously boring. It might be the confederation rework. I usually played very ambitious campaigns whith HE. Now when the confederations are almost impossible and the economy works differently, there is no interesting late game with HE. I played to turn 70-80 and only used basic archers and spearmen.

    3. Belakor. Got tired before turn 30. Too easy.
  • mecanojavi99#6562mecanojavi99#6562 EspañaRegistered Users Posts: 11,234
    Vlad: with Isabella now a LH I can properly enjoy his campaign, not to mention that Manfred now starting somewhere else allows you to immediately focus on conquering the Empire, I just wish he had some interaction with the Elector Count system, maybe being able to appoint his own Elector Counts?

    Noctilus: the freedom of choice you have with him is unmatched, you can literally go anywhere you want from the Galleons Graveyard.

    Belegar: my go to difficult campaign, there is just something so satisfying about finally taking back K8P after battling trough the Badlands and with Ikit pestering you all the time.
    "By the fires of Hashut, let them burn in the flames of eternal torment!"
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  • lcmiracle#6727lcmiracle#6727 Registered Users Posts: 1,017
    ATM I think Volkmar is more beginner friendly to Franz, but Franz's game is now a lot more intense. Both are quite enjoyable IMO, just give Franz's campaign mechanics some adjustment to match the pacing of the game atm and it'd be an excellent experience. Katarin is a close third I think.
  • Schussel#7671Schussel#7671 Registered Users Posts: 1,038
    Crone Hellebron,
    Ikit Claw,
    Isabella + Vlad

    So nothing changed from WH2
  • Rheingold#6691Rheingold#6691 Registered Users Posts: 1,562
    Not a top 3 rather just a few general comments:

    Played Vilitch, Kairos, Grombrindal, Grom, Sisters, Katarin, Oxy, Ikit, Drycha, Storm dragon, all WoC.
    Some of them only played for a couple of turns - they just didn't grab me.

    Sisters are great. The new forests and the root teleport sister works nicely for IE. Also makes a nice change playing welfs and not having to paint the map.
    Drycha is also fun. The others not so much.

    Kislev is a great faction - Katarins campaign is just irritating for me. Not difficult per se, just frustrating having to chase Throt and Azael over the map for 40 turns. But the faction itself is great though the rivalry mechanic between Rasputin and Kata doesn't work at the moment, whichever of the ones you are not playing gets wiped quickly.

    Dwarves feel... not fun. Grudge mechanic doesn't work. Its easy enough to compensate for the grudges, just not fun. Other than that they feel dated and outmatched in pretty much every capacity.

    Oxy is an awesome campaign except for the ridiculous mechanics doomstacks that spawn. Especially if you go with an all skink army. Some of them are downright impossible then - or close to it. But otherwise an incredible campaign.

    Vilitch, huge fun one of my favourites at the moment. Tried the other chaos factions, couldn't get past a couple of turns with them. Guess I just love Tzeentch.

    Kairos also great - just has a brutal start position.

    Grom as awesome as ever. One of my all time favorite lords, same with Ikit. Nukes never get old, unless the AI. nukes you.

    Cathay, well done, just find them boring. Didn't really enjoy her at all. Like the majority of WoC.

  • BobsyourankleBobsyourankle Registered Users Posts: 143
    Haven't played many yet but Ghorst deserves an honourable mention.
  • peabodyestate#9505peabodyestate#9505 Registered Users Posts: 1,589
    edited September 26
    PC broke so haven't had a chance to play as of yet.

    I will say, I'm loving the Crone support. I always thought she was the best Dark Elf campaign.

    No mount with a hero or 2, just blend everything up. Incredibly effective.

    Bit concerned my faves haven't yet got a mention, Skarsnik, Grom and Teclis. I really hope thise campaigns are great.
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