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In ProgressAmbush battle bugs out map (Shrine of Khaine)

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Playing as Taurox I got the jump on N'Kari in the Shrine of Khaine area. The map is completely wrong. I start at the top of a large cliff and have to move down the steep cliffs with all my units. When I get to the Lord marker for N'Kari noone is there. It can cast spells on me and it can be attacked (zoom out to tactical view and order Taurox to attack). He attacks the place where N'Kari is supposed to be and it will take damage and eventually die, suddenly spawning in the corpse. I cannot get to the rest of the army. They are either below or high above the floor.

Region: Shrine of Khaine
Terrain: Plains

Build v2.1.1, 16218.2683626 (modded):
Better Camera Mod
Disable Startup Splash Screens / Intros
One Button Respec
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