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guide to commisioner's bonuses?

sogayasogaya MemberRegistered Users Posts: 77
Is there such a guide? I just found out recently that a commissioner of supply who reaches 3 star level adds 1 to the number of agents that can be recruited. I'm wondering what other bonuses I'm missing out on because I haven't been trying to build up my commissioners experience. I've just been using whatever general was in the right place at the right time. That is going to be changing. From now on my commissioners are going to be doing the fighting whenever possible.
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  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    edited March 2013
    The commissioners with more stars (I think from 3) on any position not only have higher bonuses to the things that lvl 1 commissioner has but also have new abilities. Definitely the priorities for leading armies should have the generals that are assigned to some commissioner position. Some 6 star general that holds commission position I would say that it's even more important than the daymo itself.
  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    edited March 2013
    Does anybody know what or have any opinion about what the most valuable or desirable bonuses are? Which commissioner(s) do you want to pump up as fast as possible?
  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    edited March 2013
    Every position gives bonuses but if you put in that position general with min 3 stars there will be another bonus.
    - Inspector general
    reduces construction costs in all provinces
    increase the spread of influence across all provinces (need 3 star general)
    bonus repression in the province where he’s present
    - Comptroller
    bonus town growth across all provinces
    reduced upkeep of all armies and navies (need 3 star general)
    increased tax rate in the province where he’s present
    - Chief of staff
    improved chances of successful agent actions
    increases the max number of agents (need 3 star general)
    reduced cost for recruiting agents in the province where he’s present
    - Commander-in-chief
    reduced cost of recruiting units
    improved unit replenishment rate (need 3 star general)
    increased morale of all units under his command

    I personally prefer the inspector general the most especially late game because you can save serious money with the reduced construction costs. In this position, late game, I put the general with the highest number of stars. If someone put heavy emphasise on agents the chief of staff is obvious option.
  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    edited March 2013
    Do they get additional bonuses for becoming 4,5 or6 star? My chief of staff was well on his way to 5 stars until yesterday an enemy agent suddenly appeared out of nowhere and killed him. (I've also lost 3 shinsegumi rank 6 in the same game. 1 star enemy agents appeared from nowhere and assassinated them. I hate it when the AI decides you're doing too well and levels the playing field. Not my shinsegumi anyway, I love those guys) Meanwhile, my comptroller is a lowly 1 star. I should have booted him from office long ago. For me, my comptroller and chief of staff are going to be my number 1 and 2. High ranked shinsegumi with a ton of money are a guaranteed win. It's funny how I'm just now learning all this really important stuff. Looks like I still have a lot to learn.
  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    edited March 2013
    Of course they get additional bonuses with each star. Definitely high ranked agents with high ranked chief of staff (and ton of money :)) are win-win combination.
  • tephrostephros Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 6
    edited March 2013
    I prioritize the comptroller, especially early on. His fiscal bonuses make the biggest impact. Hard decision is when to park him in your highest wealth province. Commander in chief has the best bonuses for conquering given unit replenishment for which he gets a bonus, the only thing of similar importance is movement bonus.
  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    edited March 2013
    In my current campaign, all of my 4 commissioners are 4 star generals. However I have just enchanted a 6 star general to join my side. Here is a comparison of the bonuses available to 4 star vs. 6 star:

    Inspector General:
    construction costs: 4star-8%, 6star-12%
    spread of influence +1 +2
    repression where present +2 +3

    comptroller :
    town growth +4 +6
    army and navy upkeep -6% -12%
    tax rate where present +6% +9%

    chief of staff:
    chance of agent success +8% +12%
    Max # of agents +1 +3
    cost of recruiting agents -40% -60%

    commander in chief:
    cost of recruiting units -8% -12%
    unit replenishment +4% +8%
    morale in units commanded +2 +3

    It looks like replacing my 4 star comptroller with a 6 star will add well over 6000 per turn to net income. wow! I think I'm going to experiment a little though. First I'll make him chief of staff and recruit more agents. Then immediately make him commander in chief and recruit army units. Then make him inspector general and build. Then make him comptroller and then end the turn. I wonder how that will work.
  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    edited March 2013
    I don't think that you could change all of the positions in 1 turn. But assigning him new position each turn is very good thing to do though. When you're planning to quickly raise an army you'll put him commander in chief and so on.
    6 star comptroller is wooow. Those -12% of the upkeep are going to save you a lot of money.
  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    edited March 2013
    No, you can't change positions again on the same turn. I tried and it didn't work. So I made the chief of staff first and recruited all my agents. On the next turn I changed him to comptroller and it added almost 7000 to my net income immediately, it would have been even more if he had been in my wealthiest province instead of one of my poorest. After that I just left him as comptroller since it was getting near the end of the game and I wasn't doing any construction and very little recruitment. Changing him to comptroller also took away one point from loyalty for being removed from a commission, so you should keep an eye on that before changing too many times.
  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    edited March 2013
    I think they lose only 1 loyalty for their first changing of position and after that you can rotate them through the positions as many times as you like without losing any more loyalty.
  • VampiresbaneVampiresbane Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 206
    edited August 2013
    Check this thread out that I made awhile ago. Post #7 details what each role is at with a 6 star

    Here it is as I posted it in the thread:
    +6 per turn to town growth
    -12% to upkeep costs of all armies & navies
    +9% tax in provinces this man is present

    Inspector General
    -12% construction costs across all provinces
    Spread of influence +2 (this apparently doesn't increase much with rank)
    +3 repression in the province this man is present

    Chief of Staff
    +12% agent success
    +3 max number of agents (per agent type I believe)
    -60% cost of recruiting agents (that means 200 instead of 500) in the province this man is present

    -12% recruitment cost for units
    +8% unit replenishment rate
    +3 morale to units under this man's command
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