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ColdhandsColdhands BannedBanned Users Posts: 7
I have tried looking around and googling it but couldn't find out, in co-op how does the realm divide work?
Doing my first co-op campaign and I am one province off triggering it, will we both get the option and can we both choose separate things or do we have to go with the same? So I could republic and him imperial or nah?
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  • eXistenZ2eXistenZ2 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 579
    edited April 2013
    Its been a while ago, but you dont get an option at all if i remember. Cause going republic would mean that all the clans declares war on you, including your ally. and a co-op campaign doesnt allow you to declare war on your ally. Just like the co-op campaign doesnt allow you to switch sides (cause if you do it, and your ally doesnt, it would be a catch 22: your have to declare war at rd, but you cant cause you're co-op allies). So you remain allies all the game through. think of co-op as a sacred bond between you two

    The person who triggers realm divide (fills up the bar the first), gets to be the vanguard faction though.
  • break99break99 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 293
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    ^ what he said

    Coop campaigns are allies to the end even when you triggered realm divide, your either an Imperial vanguard or the Shogunate vanguard with your trusty coop ally. And only 1 becomes the vanguard, normally the one that fills the bar up first.
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