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Need help in battles

Napoleonic Total War IIINapoleonic Total War III BannedPosts: 336Banned Users
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Hello there

When I play mutliplayer battles, I usally tend to make my right flank strong and my left flank weak. This usally leads me to being defeated, how do I overall make sure that my flanks remain secure?

During battles, I usally tend to go aggresive but then being stopped by other players. I'm thinking, if you're not gonna charge them, why wait and just attack?

I am a 2 star on NTW and a 7 star on shogun 2 and on FOTS 2 star. I used to be a four star , but now am a 2 star on NTW. How can I win battles? Because either I win battles, or I lose them , I used to be very bad at first, but now have improved, how do I, or how can I win battles using strageties? I use F9 and grouping controls.
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  • Napoleon_BonaparteNapoleon_Bonaparte Banned Posts: 164Banned Users
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    Well it's usally like this, most players seem to go for the right flank because it's easyeir to veiw, I know I did. Just try and make a balance army. for example, instead of having old gaurd on the right, put him either in the center or to the left. your opponet would most likly see this and switch to your right flank making it equal. The whole battle try an trick your opponet, like Sun Tzu saying in "Art of war" Also, I found it alot easier to split my army into 3 groups, this will make your opponet who isn't used to this Confused, and he'll make mistakes. But, seeming how you are playing NTW, your backbone should be Artillery. Have around 4 or 5 depending on funds and Terran.

    Hope this information Helped.
  • Half_Life_ExpertHalf_Life_Expert Senior Member Oak Park, CA , USAPosts: 4,686Registered Users
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    well, its not particularly wise to strengthen one flank and deliberately make one weak.

    one tactic that has worked for me in the past is to have my good troops hidden (veterans in S2) and stock troops visible, let them engage my stock troops while i hit them in the flank with the good troops. its a take directly from sun tzu "use the regular troops to engage, use the extraordinary troops to win"

    the big lesson i have taken from MP land battles is this:

    since you cannot know what the enemy has until the deployment phase is over, be prepared to counter anything he may throw at you, and the best way to counter what the enemy does is not a particular set up of unit locations, but strong and fast micromanaging skills to rapidly adjust to whatever the enemy does.

    also: be prepared to assault a dug in enemy (known to most as campers), but dont attack if he is invulerable in terms of his positions, instead force him to attack through deception, by angering him, or by tempting him with something he will want to destroy.

    don't assume anything, you can use deception, but so can he.

    and another paraphrase of sun tzu, Know what you can do and what you cannot, dont attempt anything that you are incapable or not confident in doing.
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  • AmazoniacAmazoniac Senior Member Posts: 212Registered Users
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    a good tip is use spear men or a defensive units in both flanks and/or use some somewhat fast unit en the middle in order to rescue the weak flank. Have a strong flank is not necessary wrong, it can be a good tactic if you can use it as a trap or something.
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